I LOVE S Anselm’s Preparatory and Boarding School

21 Feb 2022

In our modern world, where children seem to grow up far too fast, there’s still one place where childhood endures. No, it’s not Neverland: it’s S Anselm’s school, set in the picturesque Derbyshire market town of Bakewell.

S Anselm's children

As parents, we all want our children to enjoy a happy and carefree childhood, filled with fun, adventure, laughter and learning. At the award-winning S Anselm’s, all of this is on the agenda – along with much more.

Dating back to 1888, S Anselm’s school is steeped in tradition. The school’s main building – a charming former townhouse – is strewn with ivy, its tall windows inlaid with the school’s crest in stained glass.  Inside, the dining room has a distinctive Hogwarts feel with its long tables and school house flags.

S Anselm's dining hall

This tradition extends to how the school operates. Much like a family home, staff really get to know the pupils, creating a feeling of familiarity and an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect. Good manners become second nature and everyone enjoys delicious, home-cooked meals together at the table.

S Anselms preparatory and boarding school

For many of the children, S Anselm’s truly becomes a home away from home. Boarding is very popular from Year 5 upwards, with some pupils staying at school for just a night or two each week and others staying every weekday. Friday nights are particularly in demand, and it’s no wonder: with tasty food, sports, clubs and activities on offer during the evening and on Saturday, pupils can really let loose and enjoy fun with their friends (and so can parents, back home).

S Anselms sports clubs

A small school with a family feel, S Anselm’s forges trust between pupils and staff. Boundaries are known and respected, and children adapt to the school’s expectations. In this way youngsters can run more freely – and for longer, too, since pupils stay at S Anselm’s until they’re approaching Year 9.

This, headmaster Frank Thompson says, gives the older children the edge when they leave for senior school. Instead of feeling like small fish in a big pond starting out at secondary school in Year 7, two extra years at the top of the school prolong pupils’ childhoods while also instilling leadership qualities.

S Anselms headmaster

Headmaster, Frank Thompson with the Tatler Award for ‘Prep School of the Year 2021’

When the time comes to leave S Anselm’s, pupils step into senior school with confidence and move quicker academically, some even going on to senior education at prestigious institutions like Eton and Cheltenham Ladies College.

S Anselms laboratory

While the school isn’t preoccupied with academic success, pupils perform phenomenally well. By Year 5, half the curriculum is taught by subject experts, and the facilities available are second to none: think modern classrooms, a music school, a huge sports hall, an astro turf pitch, a swimming pool, labs, a theatre AND a Lego innovation centre.

The school is one of the first in the country to add engineering to the curriculum from Year 3, promoting creativity, problem solving, teamwork and resilience. Learning that there are different ways of solving problems, and that trying and failing is all part of the process, is key to helping youngsters develop a growth mindset, Frank says.

S Anselms swimming pool
In fact, pupils have plentiful opportunity to learn in a variety of different ways, whether it’s with a visiting Viking or heading into the great outdoors for some wild camping. Of course, there’s just as much opportunity to have fun, though, with sports, clubs, societies, silly events – like the upcoming pancake races, which Frank describes as reminiscent of It’s a Knockout – and even ‘quidditch’!

An open morning is taking place on Saturday February 26th so why not come along and see for yourself just what makes S Anselm’s so special? To book an appointment or request a copy of the S Anselm’s prospectus, get in touch with Director of Admissions Mrs Cheryl Stevens on [email protected]. Alternatively, use the links below to find out more about S Anselm’s.

S Anselm's school logo

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