I LOVE Les Deux Pizza Bar, Alderley Edge

18 Oct 2021

Les Deux Pizza Bar sits unassumingly at no.7, London Road. The understated frontage – that little pink door is no more – belies a menu and an atmosphere as bright and buzzy as the cuisine and a welcome worthy of ANY of Alderley Edge’s finest restaurants yet in a genuine indie.

This is not just ANY pizza gaff. In fact, this is not JUST a pizza gaff, full stop.

A Pizza Passion

Owners Mathieu and Sax, are passionate about their project, which first opened at the end of 2019. What happened next is literally history. To many fledgling ventures, facing lockdown would have been a killer blow, but along with their experienced team and general manager, they rolled with it.

They introduced click-and-collect, embraced the burgeoning takeaway culture and thus still managed to get the Les Deux word – and the taste – out to Alderley, Prestbury, Wilmslow and beyond.

Course ‘e Can

One of the first questions people ask is ‘why Les Deux? That’s French…’ Well spotted. As we said, this is no ordinary purveyor of pizza. Matt hails from Corsica. Part of France since the eighteenth century, Corsica was once ruled by the Republic of Genoa and is nestled just off Italy’s coast, north of Sardinia. Matt grew up surrounded by freshly-foraged ingredients and local produce, cooking with his mum and his Grandma – his mémé. The family cooked what they hunted and gathered. Although not a chef, Matt’s been in hospitality and restaurants forever. Les Deux is part of the Zanna group, whose other ventures include renowned Manchester eateries Mughli, the Daisy and Evelyn’s.

Matt’s enthusiasm and knowledge are both palpable and infectious. That passion translates to his team, who are respected and looked after – sometimes a rarity in the trade. This further enhances the happy environment and ambience. Courtney, the experienced General Manager, has an impressive CV and a wealth of experience. He came to Les Deux via Albert’s and Bramhall’s erstwhile Silk Road – two more big names in good food and hospitality.

Two’s Company; Three’s a Party

Les Deux – French for the two, or colloquially, ‘together’. This could refer to Matt and Sax’s business pairing; the pizza and cocktail concept, or the France and Italy connection. So yes, although Italian in origin, pizza has a global appeal. At Les Deux Pizza Bar, pizza embraces international cuisine taking tastebuds from Europe to Lebanon to South America and the Far East.

Corsica has a beauty, a landscape and a cuisine all its own and is connected to France only by air or sea. Exploring Corsican cuisine means meandering through authenticity, flavour and tradition. Recipes and know-how have been handed down through generations. And so it is with Les Deux. Matt’s Corsican background and heritage have brought a love of good food and the finest ingredients together with the warmest of Mediterranean welcomes here to Alderley. After all, nothing brings people together like good food – and cocktails.

Perfect Pizza and Clever Cocktails

The lightest, freshest, crispiest pizza bases – that’s the magic of Les Deux’s famous 48-hour fermented dough – are transformed into food as an art form. From the uncomplicated Margherita or Puttanesca to the Wag Gwaan, Peking or Lamba’da. That’s another beauty of Les Deux pizza. Whilst the menu is impressive and waaaaay out of the ordinary, all the classics headline too. It’s the same with the cocktails. Want an old favourite espresso Martini or a Cosmo? Not a problem. But try the specially created Les Deux exclusives, too – even a range of Margaritas-with-a-twist: basil and Blackberry or Mango and Chilli, for example. The attention to detail and insistence on quality ingredients applies to the drinks just as much as the food. Even the Tequila is something special: Clase Azul Reposado with 100% agave brings an intense warmth. This is NOT for shots! During the happiest of happy hours, Les Deux Pizza Bar serves two cocktails for the price of one for hours on end (well, until 6pm). Even then, there’s no compromise on quality – the ingredients are the same, whether it’s happy hour or any hour.

Only the Best Will Do

Matt, Sax and the team take pride in using the highest quality and freshest ingredients, organic wherever applicable and ethically sourced with minimal packaging and food miles. Even the rather funky pizza boxes are recyclable. Everything that CAN be sourced locally IS sourced locally, and Matt’s always looking for new local suppliers. There’s an expansive gluten-free menu, plenty for veggies and vegans – even a vegan mozzarella. The already crowd-pleasing menu is joined by monthly specials and will soon feature Sunday specials. Look out soon for a pumpkin special, too – but there are no tricks at Les Deux. Just lots and LOTS of treats – and not just pizza, but THE most delectable desserts and fully-loaded burrata.

Les Deux Pizza Pour Tout Le Monde

Les Deux is already part of the local community, and Matt, Sax and Courtney want to support as many local businesses as possible. Everyone’s welcome at Les Deux Pizza Bar. The age range encompasses babes-in-arms to octagenarians and this mix is all a big part of the happy vibe. Families love the pizza and laid-back vibe, groups of the girls or the lads enjoy the evening atmosphere and cocktails, couples like the cosy surroundings. Even the dogs enjoy their little treats and ever-present fresh water. And once food service ends at night, Les Deux stays open as a bar. You can even hire Les Deux for private parties – there are 42 covers but room for many more once tables and chairs are rearranged.

Matt and Courtney get to know their customers, and everyone’s treated as a regular at Les Deux Pizza Bar. No doubt that’s because everyone IS a regular once they’ve discovered the delights Les Deux has to offer. Walk in or book a table; either way, enjoy lunch, dinner or a few drinks:

  • Closed Monday and Tuesday
  • Open 5pm until 10pm Wednesday and Thursday
  • Open from midday until late Friday thru’ Sunday
  • Food service stops at 9.45

You, too, will discover why I LOVE Les Deux Pizza Bar.


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