Charity Shop Chic in Alderley Edge

21 Jan 2022

Shopping trends are changing. With people wanting to live more sustainably, fast fashion may soon be a thing of the past. A poll by revealed that 45% of people would buy pre-owned clothes, and it’s predicted that the second-hand clothing market will double in the next 5 years. This certainly feels refreshing. We remember a time when it was a definite no-no to be seen inside a charity shop, let alone buying clothes from one.

Alderley Edge broke the stigma of charity shop shopping years ago. Alongside cute coffee shops, designer shops and high fashion hairdressers, the charity shops of Alderley Edge have become much sought after places to visit.

Don’t believe us? Just check out The Marie Curie Shop on London road. Redeveloped in 2019, this charity shop relaunched as the cancer charity’s first designer boutique in the northwest. Expect to find high-end brands such as Karen Millen, DKNY and Hugo Boss.

These Alderley Edge charity shops are not messing around.

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How to bag yourself a bargain:

With charity shops, it’s all about playing the long game. You need patience, resilience and it requires you to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. But, with a bit of practice and following our advice, we’re sure you’ll grab yourself a boutique bargain.

Just because you don’t find something on your first trip doesn’t mean you’ll never find anything in a charity shop. You have to persevere and keep revisiting. Remember, the stock is constantly changing. People are regularly having clear-outs and dropping new stock off. If you’re not there, you might miss the perfect piece. You’ve got to be in it to win it.

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Shop the season

You might be lucky and find out-of-season clothes on the rail. But, many charity shops tend to bring out their winter clothes at the beginning of winter. So, if you’re looking for an evening dress for all those Christmas parties, head to the charity shops at the beginning of November. Similarly, if you’re looking for some presents, pop into one of the Alderley Edge charity shops after Christmas. That’s when you’ll find all those unwanted Christmas presents, unopened and ready to pass onto someone who will want it.

Take your time

You’re not going to find precisely what you want on a charity shop mannequin. This isn’t like shopping in the Trafford centre. Shopping in a charity shop involves rummaging through racks and looking at individual items. So don’t rush. Give yourself some time to enjoy a slower shopping experience.


Try things on

It might sound obvious, but you should try before you buy. Many charity shops don’t accept returns, so trying things on will reduce the risk of buying something that doesn’t work for you. Also, trying stuff on also lets you experiment more with clothes and styles. Remember, clothes look very different on a hanger. How will you know if something suits you if you don’t try it on?

Inspect everything

Check zips, fastening, buttons. Look for holes and defects. Likewise, check the label for washing instructions. Doing these simple tasks will stop you from being disappointed when you get home. Most clothes in charity shops are in perfect condition. In fact, many in Alderley Edge still have the original labels on. We doubt you’ll be bringing home something tatty. But, hands up, who else hates the dreaded ‘dry clean only’ label? If you put your hand up, don’t forget to check before handing over your money.


Alderley Edge’s Charity Shops:

When you’re looking for a second-hand designer bargain, location is everything. Obviously, Cheshire’s Golden Triangle offers many upmarket bargains for you to bag.

There are five charity shops to choose from on Alderley Edge’s London road.

If you are trying to shop more sustainably and avoid fast fashion brands, having a wander around Alderley Edge’s charity shops is a great place to start.

Why not make a day of it and try some of the delicious eateries Alderley edge has to offer?

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