Architects in Alderley Edge? I LOVE Kimble Roden

25 Jul 2022

In the heart of Alderley Edge, you’ll find the approachable, expert team at Kimble Roden Architects. Recently short-listed for the prestigious Manchester Society of Architects awards and based on Heyes Lane, Kimble Roden cover all of Cheshire and South Manchester.

They’re THE go-to architects when it matters. And, when it’s your home – your castle – it ALWAYS really matters.

exterior of house

One of Kimble Roden’s stunning projects

WHY You Need Kimble Roden Architects, Alderley Edge

All too often, we plan a new build, a renovation, or a home-enhancing extension. We ask, ‘do I need an architect?’ A quick Google search confirms this. Seriously. Search ‘architects near me’, ‘architects in Alderley Edge, or ‘architects in Cheshire’. The all-knowing search engine helpfully suggests other popular searches:

  • Do I need an architect for an extension?
  • Do I need an architect for a small extension?
  • Do I need an architect for permitted development?
  • Do I need an architect for building regulations?
  • Do I need an architect for planning permission?

In reality, we should preface each of those questions with ‘why’. WHY do you need an architect? And why SHOULD you work with an architect? Or WHY is an architect as wise an investment as the right builder? Kevin McCloud, of Grand Designs, points out: “A good architect actually pays for themselves – and more than once.”

interior of house

some of Kimble Roden’s beautiful interior design

Grand Designs Mean Great Architects

Kevin goes on “you will reap the reward, and the building (or extension, or extra storey) will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it.” It’s true. A good architect – and Kimble Roden are exceptionally good – will help you make the very most of your project. They’ll help you get the very most for your investment. When a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Kimble Roden will ensure it’s done really, really well.

Kimble Roden aren’t just another faceless, unaccountable corporation either. A small, independent firm in the heart of Alderley, they live locally, too. This makes dedicated service and good working relationships paramount. Along with real pride in their work, it means they’re not just standard architects. They aim to be the best and to deliver the best. Builders regularly credit them as the best architects they’ve worked with. “How it SHOULD be”, as one put it.

Kimble Roden

Edwina Kimble and Emma Roden

Meet Kimble Roden Architects in Alderley Edge

Edwina Kimble BA(Hons) B Arch, ARB. Practice Director:

Edwina’s worked with some huge names in northwest architecture, including Stephenson Architecture, Aedas, and OMI Architects and played a key role in the regeneration of Manchester city centre. She was Project Architect for a range of high-profile developments, including St James’ House, No 1 Marsden Street, The Observatory and Left Bank, Spinningfields.

‍Throughout her three-decade-and-counting career, Edwina has been instrumental in several award-winning RIBA projects, and she’s had design drawings exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

“I feel as strongly about design today as I did 30 years ago. I’ve worked on everything from multi-million-pound projects to re-designing a family home – but the size of the project is irrelevant. It’s ALL about the quality of space. Only great design and attention to detail can achieve that.”

Emma Roden BA (Hons) B Arch, ARB. Practice Director:

Emma was involved in countless high-profile Manchester city centre developments, including many around Ducie Street, the Northern Quarter and Castlefield. She’s amassed extensive experience in listed building developments, student housing and commercial schemes. Since starting Kimble Roden, Emma has relished using her vast knowledge for private clients to create truly outstanding homes.

Emma excels in connecting with her clients. She invariably achieves exceptional design and is technically brilliant.

“Good design improves your life. I love helping clients re-design their homes to improve the way they live. It’s not always about creating additional rooms – sometimes you simply need to re-assess the space you already have – this is where a good architect can really make the difference.”

Give YOUR Project the Kimble Roden Treatment

As talented professionals, Kimble Roden ensure your project is planned and completed to the nth degree. Your architect doesn’t just draw plans (though, absolutely no disrespect, that alone is a skill and talent in itself). To qualify as an architect takes years of study, practice and outright dedication – around SEVEN YEARS thereof. That’s two degrees – one Honours, one Masters – then professional study followed by exams. A doctor can qualify in less time. Kimble Roden treat your building much like a good doctor treats a patient.

open plan interior of house

More of Kimble Roden’s interior design work

Such stringent qualifications ensure that Kimble Roden Architects are highly skilled and professional. But more than that, they live and breathe property and architecture. They have the skills but also the talent to make your aspirations a reality. They will guide you throughout the entire process: concept, design, planning and permissions, and ultimately the build to completion. They’ll oversee everything and ensure adherence to budget, regs, and spec. This will also take the considerable stress of chasing up and communicating with builders, tradespeople, planners – and everyone else involved – away.

Architects Equal Professionalism and Protection

Moreover, when working with an architect, everything is done PROPERLY. That sounds obvious, but it’s not always the case. Architects know what can and can’t – and should or shouldn’t – be done; they can even stand up against incorrect planning decisions. Their service includes informing clients, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, builders and everyone involved.

Their Duty of Care means they’re accountable, and, critically, the client is indemnified. That’s your safety net, illustrating what Kevin McCloud means by architects ‘paying for themselves’. Your architect can avoid costly mistakes, so SAVE you money – and stress. When Kimble Roden are your architects, you get all that plus a refreshing realism and approachability. As Edwina puts it, they’re very much ‘no B.S.’

Property Perfection with Kimble Roden Architects in Alderley Edge

Good architects really are akin to a surgeon or consultant, but for a building. They know the anatomy, the capacity, the strength and support; all the potential problems and pitfalls. Crucially, they can recommend or advise against courses of treatment. New build or remodel, they will safeguard the health and wellbeing of your building and structure whilst working to achieve your ideal outcome.

interior kitchen of house

A kitchen showing some more of Kimble Roden’s interior designs

Kimble Roden can plan and achieve the perfect builds, extensions, renovations, exteriors and interiors. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, Kimble Roden can help. And vitally, they’ll help you get it RIGHT. Even in conservation areas or greenbelt, due to comprehensive knowledge and constructive relationships with the planners. They have the experience to know what the council will and won’t permit when it comes to updating or improving buildings for modern living. They’re also experts with Listed buildings, so can advise on the problematic nature of modifying protected houses and properties.

For Kimble Roden, getting it right is about you, the client. They protect you and your investment. Their enviable reputation is built upon that. The next time you wonder if you need an architect, save yourself time and money. Consult Edwina, Emma, and the expert team at Kimble Roden.

Kimble Roden

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