100 mile cycle challenge for one-lung cancer patient

28 Jul 2017

Gruelling 100-mile cycle challenge on 30 July for one-lung cancer patient from Bramhall, Dave Staley.

Bramhall resident Dave Staley (41), was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2015; he had a lung removed, and was told he had less than a year to live. Now, ‘the survivor’ is about to attempt a gruelling 100-mile cycling challenge starting on 30 July, defying medical predictions, to raise money for lung disease research.

Dave Staley

Dave has mesothelioma, a terminal lung cancer related to exposure to asbestos. A year after completing chemotherapy, and after making the agonising decision to have his damaged lung removed, he will cycle 100-miles, from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, into the Surrey hills. The route will sap Dave’s strength and willpower, but he wants to push himself to the limit.

 “One-hundred miles might not seem much to most people,” explains Dave. “But, with one lung, it’s a massive challenge.

 “A year ago, I could hardly walk, and 18 months ago, I needed a Zimmer-Frame in hospital, I now want to show others that no matter your state of health, with the correct training, support and belief, anything is possible.” 

Dave’s life changed forever in 2015, three-weeks before his 40th birthday. The mesothelioma diagnosis was devastating for the family man, who is married and with two young children.

                      Please donate to David’s  Virgin Giving Page 

Dave has no idea when he was exposed to asbestos. It could have been when he was employed as a meter reader, a temporary job whilst at university, from DIY, or even when at school. But he has no recollection of breathing in anything unpleasant.

He explains:

 “Asbestos is all around us, so everyone’s vulnerable, without even knowing it. Yet research into mesothelioma is under-funded, and it’s a killer; with an average life expectancy after diagnosis of just 12-18 months. We all need to ensure that asbestos is managed appropriately in our schools, workplaces, homes; any location where it exists.”

This is why Dave’s ‘One Lung, One Life, One Hundred Miles’ cycling challenge will be raising money for two charities that invest in mesothelioma research: British Lung Foundation and Mesothelioma UK  

During the ride, Dave will be supported by best friend Stephen Colley, from Worsley, and brother-in-law Simon Ingyon, from Hinchley Wood, Surrey.

Dave Staley

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