Celebrating 27 years of learning and fun at Fledglings

11 Sep 2020

It’s been a funny old year for our local businesses but amid the recent covid chaos are plenty of positives to celebrate. For Fledglings Pre-School and Nursery, this September is a special month for two reasons – read on to find out more.

Tucked away down a residential side street just behind Moss Hey Primary School, Fledglings is one of Bramhall’s most over-subscribed preschools – and it’s not difficult to see why. Close-knit, professional and proactive, the Fledglings team is more of a family, with staff supporting each other and more than 100 children in a creative, nurturing environment in which everyone thrives.

Fledgings 2020

In testament to Fledglings’ success, September marks 27 years in business for owner Julie and the team of 24 staff, as well as 20 years of loyal service from Deputy Manager Angela, who was recently treated to some lovely flowers, gifts and special words to commemorate the milestone.

Back in March, many businesses had little choice but to close their doors until it was safe to reopen – Fledglings included – but the team didn’t spend lockdown twiddling their thumbs; quite the contrary, in fact. Staff used the three-month period to train and upskill, and to maintain relationships with the children and their families through the power of social media.

Fledglings set up a private social media channel to keep in daily contact with pre-schoolers and their families, providing updates and advice on everything from the latest government guidance to potty training! The team also read stories via video link and held virtual activities to keep the children entertained during their time at home. It also provided a platform for parents to share their children’s achievements and milestones.

Fledgings 2020

After three months’ closure came the relieving news that the nursery could re-open, albeit on a very small scale with just five members of staff. In the weeks that followed, however, Fledglings was able to return to business at capacity, bringing back all members of staff and children. 

New safety measures have been implemented, such as rigorous handwashing and sanitisation of contact points, rotation of resources, complete deep cleaning at the end of each day and parents maintaining social distancing with face coverings at drop-off and collection. Staff movement between rooms has been restricted unless completely necessary, which means that should illness occur in one part of the nursery, it’s highly unlikely to spread. 

Despite the changes to routine, children are largely unaware that anything is different at Fledglings: they’ve returned to the same welcoming environment and friendly faces, the same outstanding Ofsted rated service and the same opportunities to learn and have fun. Each of the three rooms at Fledglings is designed to cater for different age groups, and all the children benefit from plenty of space and fresh air in the outdoor area and nature garden.

Fledgings 2020

Julie and the team are delighted to be marking almost three decades in business, and next year will provide even more cause for celebration when another two members of staff mark 20 years’ service at the nursery. It’s clearly somewhere the staff love as much as the children they care for: three employees are former Fledglings themselves!

Undoubtedly, it’s this welcoming family feel that gives parents the reassurance that their precious little ones are in the very best hands at Fledglings, and it’s also why there’s a waiting list for a place here. Tours are available in the evening when the nursery is closed but if you’d like to reserve a place for your child – or an impending arrival – you might want to get your skates on; the earlier the better!

To find out more about Fledglings Pre-School and Day Nursery, or to get in touch directly, use the links below:


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