4th Bramhall Scouts and A Million Hands

25 Jul 2016

As part of 4th Bramhall Scouts work in support of “A Million Hands“, they have raised a total of £188,76 for their supported charity The Alzheimer’s Society.

A Million Hands is a Community Impact campaign run by the Scouting Association, their ambition is by 2018 to mobilise half a million Scouts to support of four social issues chosen by young people.

  • Dementia
  • Disablity
  • Mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Clean water and sanitation

These are big issues of our time, but the Scouts want to tackle them head on.

4th Bramhall Scouts decided to support Dementia and had a voting process for the charity that they wanted to support and Alzheimer’s Society got the majority of the votes.

A Million Hands


The Scouts raised money from

  • 1) A Christmas market stall selling things that they made during a couple of Scout evenings. Including paracord christmas trees, keyrings and candle displays.
  • 2) Cooking a meal for local residents/church to raise money and awareness of dementia.

They have had a session with a Dementia Friend representative and we have also carried out several sessions where we have learnt about dementia following the Million Hands pack and also looked at how people with Dementia see the world. They have raised awareness to the Scouts, Parents and their contacts as the Scouts have been relaying what they have learnt.

4th Bramhall Scouts

As well as the Scouts learning so much through this process, the 4th Bramhall Scout leaders have also gained a lot from this and everyone is please to have been involved with A Million Hands.


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