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27 May 2016

Amaranth an award winning store in Bramhall can offer sun protection for you and your family.

Amaranth provides quality advice and products for your whole family’s health and wellbeing. They have some useful advice about which sun cream you should be using for your family.

Amaranth - Suncream

We all know the importance of using sun protection, but a recent survey by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society shows that there is huge confusion around labelling on sun creams, with a significant percentage of the public unaware how much protection their suncreams offer.

Organic sun lotion by brands such as Green People are a favourite at Amaranth, their award winning formulations contain a synergistic blend of antioxidants, skin vitamins and anti-inflammatory actives to help support the skin’s immune system, prevent premature ageing and protect against irritation.

These lotions are suited to sensitive skin and prickly heat sufferers as they are free from parabens and potential irritants like pore blocking silicones. For many people, simply switching to a non-waterproof, chemical-free sunscreen could significantly reduce the irritating effects of prickly heat.

How high is high enough?

It is important to be aware that the SPF of a sun lotion only indicates the level of protection against UVB radiation (B for burning). It does not tell you anything about the protection it offers against dangerous UVA light (A for ageing). The problem with products offering very high SPF levels is that although they will give you excellent protection against UVB radiation, it is unlikely that they will offer the same high levels of protection against UVA radiation.

What does this mean?

This means that whilst the skin will not show visible signs of UV damage and will not go red and burn, the UVA radiation can still be getting through. This causes long term damage to the living cells in the deeper underlying layers of the skin and accounts for approximately 90% of the signs of premature ageing.

Did you know?

  • An SPF30 sun lotion, when applied properly protects you against 97% of UVB rays, an SPF50 protects you against 98% of UVB, a marginal 1% difference.
  • SPF ratings higher than 30 are primarily used by sun care companies as a marketing tool and take advantage of the public’s misconception of what the protection ratings mean.

At Amaranth, they stock the full range of Green People Organic suncreams, along with our new range by Acorelle. Acorelle offer lighter natural sunsprays and sun oil, both in SPF 30.

Call in to our store where testers and samples are available. Shop online and we will pop a free Green People sample in with your order.


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