BBC Names Bramhall as “Britains Friendliest Village”

14 Sep 2013

It’s official! – Bramhall is a fabulous place to live. “Residents in the leafy village of Bramhall are the friendliest in the country and have more community pride than anyone else”

The following is a transcript from a BBC article printed on 19/09/2010.

A new report says people in the affluent area of Bramhall, Stockport are proud to call it home, and have the strongest sense of belonging of anywhere in Britain. Researchers from Sheffield University assessed the health of communities by looking at how rooted people are in their neighbourhood.

Bramhall had the highest number of families and couples, living in private accommodation that have been in the area for more than a year. Social scientists compiling the report found very little evidence of community division or people feeling isolated in the suburb, which has a population of about 30,000. The Changing UK report said the community engagement is reflected by up to 70 social clubs, societies and sports groups listed in the area.

Academics created a `loneliness’ guide, to identify areas where people felt cut off. It ranked areas on the proportion of single people, those who live alone, the number in private rented accommodation and those who have lived there for less than a year in a bid to identify the areas with a `feeling of not belonging’. The higher the number in each category, the less rooted the community, according to researchers. Edinburgh in Scotland has the weakest communities. Other places rated poorly included Headingley in Leeds, the Hyde Park area of London and the university area of Cardiff.

Former international rugby star Keith Fielding has lived in Bramhall for more than 25 years. Mr Fielding, said: “I’m chuffed because it is a great place to live, and there are a lot of nice people. “It’s also got a good centre, with lots of nice places to go and eat and drink and it is just a good place to be.”

Bramhall’s  Sarah Stone, former Miss England finalist who was one of FHM magazine‘s `100 high street honeys’, said: “I think it is a lovely and very friendly place to live. Everybody seems to know each other and seem to get on. I feel very proud that we are considered the friendliest people in the country.”

Researcher Dimitris Ballas said: “When we looked at the data Bramhall scored very highly when we measured the characteristics connected to people feeling they belong. “The fact there is a number of families living in their own homes having stayed in the area a long time, shows they are friendly and get along.”

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