Beth Pike – Project Pamplona

22 Feb 2014

Beth Pike is no ordinary student, in her spare time she is trying to raise funds to help build a nursery in Lima, Peru setting up Change Live Grown – Project Pamplona

Beth Pike is currently a student at the University of Sheffield, however her home is in Bramhall. She’s worked in Indulgence cafe right in the centre for around 3 years during holidays so she’s quite at home in the village.

Studying Spanish and Economics here in Sheffield meant that during her third year, Beth had a year abroad to perfect her language. She spent February to May working in Lima, Peru. Since arriving home from South America in late August 2013 Beth and a friend who she met out there have set up Change Live Grow – Project Pamplona:

“It has been quite a challenge getting the word spread about what they are doing and therefore she’s been tweeting about it as much as possible and asking for help. I am planning on running 10k for the cause in March.”

They are hoping to raise £16,000 to build the nursery on the land which they already have. Having worked with the children and their mothers, Beth knows how important and life changing this will be for them. The children currently have no nursery care, meaning they are either left at home alone with older siblings (usually around 8 years old) or the parents are unable to work. Both of which contribute to a vicious circle of poverty. 

Please help Beth in her quest to give these special children a home –


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