Bramall Hall and Bramhall Park – the Jewels in Bramhall’s Crown?

28 Feb 2022

How lucky are we to have Bramall Hall and the stunning Bramhall Park right on our doorsteps? The all-too-common call of “I’m bored” sends shivers down every parent’s spine, but with a wealth of fun, interest and history on our doorstep there’s no need to panic – boredom be no more. Situated just a few minutes from both Bramhall AND Cheadle Hulme’s villages, Bramall Hall and Park offers families plenty of activities to keep all ages entertained.

Bramall Hall

Simply walking through the heavy, imposing double doors of Bramall Hall transports you back in time – a journey spanning over 800 years of history. Looking proudly down over 70 acres of parkland, woodland and even manicured areas, Bramall Hall has been central to Bramhall and our history since the Middle Ages. First, step into the Great Hall, where countless original aspects are still present. These include (but are far from limited to) the Wicker Door – one of the oldest features in the room; the Davenport Table – considered one of the most important pieces of furniture in Bramall Hall, and the majestic bay window overlooking the courtyard and original medieval stocks.

There are way too many treasures of bygone times to mention but take the tour to see so much more. This is as close as it gets to time travel!

bramall hall

Discover the Past at Bramall Hall

You’d think we all knew Bramall Hall like the back of our hands, but for many, it’s as yet undiscovered. Local dad, Nathan, explains:

“I’ve lived in Bramhall for over 15 years and with two children, we visit the park almost weekly. Yet, until this half term, we’d NEVER been inside the Hall. On a typically rainy, February day, we’d exhausted virtually every indoor activity, so we gave it a go. And it didn’t disappoint. My girls were fascinated and kept busy for well over two hours. Bonus, they learnt so much about their local area’s rich history.”

Wander through true history and even hear some myths and local legend. Talking of which, do take care when you arrive at the Plaster Room.  Considered the most haunted room in the house, ancient stories tell of a crying lady whose wailing fills the room. There’s a discernible drop in temperature as you step through the doors. Not to mention a little shiver down the spine. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

bramall hall history

Bramhall Park

Outside, the fun continues. Don’t let a little rain stop play – that’s what wellies and muddy puddles are for! Head over to the recently renovated play area which is perfect for little ones. Punctuated by children’s squeals and laughter, there’s equipment to slide down, swing on and climb up, offering parents a welcome respite from the constant need to entertain. Enjoy a coffee from Stables Kitchen, chat with friends and watch the fun.

Millie (aged 8) LOVES visiting Bramhall Park: “I really love it when I run down the ramp and there’s always something to play on. My favourite thing is the slide. It’s superfast and fun!”

Lola (aged 5) added, “When I first walk in, I want to go on everything at the same time!”

Woodland Walks, Parkland and Ponds

Whatever the weather, there’s something for everyone, including the four-legged family members. There’s more room for dog walking than you can shake a stick at (or throw a ball) and whilst dogs must be on leads in certain areas, and ALWAYS under control, there’s still plenty of room.

Bramhall Park can even form part of a much longer walk – perhaps from Seven Arches or Ramillies at the Cheadle Hulme end, or from Bramhall itself, Carr Woods and Happy Valley. In fact, it’s even possible to walk all the way to Lyme Park with surprisingly little road walking. Sturdy shoes are a must, though.

bramhall park sign

Fairweather – and All Weather

Over the (hopefully sunny) Summer months, there’s always a perfect picnic spot at Bramall Hall and Bramhall Park – don’t forget your blanket and a bin bag! During interminable months of lockdown the park was invaluable; a lifeline to some. Not only the essential outdoor space we craved, but a welcome chance to safely chat and exercise.

On a rainy day, feed the hordes of mallards and honk back at the feisty geese.  Come early spring, watch out for adorable ducklings following mummy duck. You might see Mr Heron swooping down, or, if you stay VERY quiet and still you could be lucky enough to spot the kingfisher’s vibrant plumage.

If winter brings snow, the park’s hills and slopes provide a superb sledging scene. Shrieks and giggles can be heard as children race down with watchful parents roped in to pull them back to the top. Once everyone’s tired out, head for Stables Kitchen café. Hot chocolate and a steaming bowl of home-made soup will warm your cockles ready for the walk home. There’s an extensive menu to choose from, from light bites to proper meals, brilliant breakfasts and really good coffee.  A portion of their famous ‘proper chips’ are always just perfect!

Bramall Hall tour tickets and prices (Prices correct as of April 2021):

  • Adult – £5.00
  • Concessions (ages 60+ and students) – £3.75
  • Children under 16 with a paying adult – Free
  • Leisure Key – Free
  • Companions of visitors with a registered disability – Free


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