Bramhall aesthetics tried and tested: Elo Lemos Clinic

11 Jun 2018

After recently welcoming Bramhall aesthetics specialist Elo Lemos Clinic to the I Love Bramhall membership, our copywriter Francesca Newton popped in to sample some of the services on offer – read about her experience.

With aesthetic treatments becoming increasingly commonplace, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of smooth skin and an age-defying complexion – not to mention the newfound confidence that comes with looking your best.

Elos Lemos Clinic

As a mum in my mid-30s and a former smoker, I can safely say that my face is no longer lineless. Over the past few years, I’ve certainly noticed that the trials of motherhood are starting to show – I have a couple of permanent lines between my eyebrows, known as the glabellar region, and the areas under my eyes are hollow and dark. I don’t have the healthiest of lifestyles even now and sleep is an elusive beast. Combined with hours of staring at a computer screen and yo-yo dieting, well, everything adds up to a less than well-rested complexion.

Having lost a couple of stone with Weight Watchers a few years ago, my face slimmed down and the areas beneath my eyes became hollow. I’ve since put almost half of the weight back on – a wonderful side-effect of packing in the cigarettes – but fat has a habit of going where it’s not wanted and avoiding the places it would perhaps make an improvement, such as those deep tear troughs. I’ve tried dozens of topical creams, lotions and potions over the years but nothing has been able to diminish my forehead lines or plump up my tired under eyes.

Elos Lemos Clinic

At the ripe age of 33, I decided it’s time to take matters into my own hands – or rather, those of experienced aesthetician Elaine Lemos de Oliveira, owner of Elo Lemos Clinic. Elaine – who also has an aesthetics clinic in Salford – moved into Bramhall earlier this year. She works from her residential base, which has two treatments rooms, for half of the week; the rest of her time she spends over in Salford. Originally from Brazil, Elaine spent years practising in her home country and later in Spain, before moving to the UK seven years ago.

A qualified nurse, Elaine has worked at hospitals in and around Manchester alongside performing aesthetic treatments. After the birth of her two children, however, she decided to focus solely on aesthetics and built up her successful clinic in Salford. Many clients would travel across to Salford from Bramhall and earlier this year, Elaine and her husband made the decision to move into the village – which has made things a lot more convenient for local clients.

Elos Lemos Clinic

It’s not without some trepidation that I step into Elaine’s lovely home for my consultation, however. A self-confession needle-phobe, I already have an idea of what lies in store. This isn’t a decision I’ve taken lightly; it’s something I’ve thought about for a few years and read into extensively. First things first, I fill out a questionnaire about my medical history, allergies and the like, and once cleared for treatment, I sign myself over to Elaine.

Elos Lemos Clinic

She asks me about what I’m hoping to achieve (fuller tear troughs, fewer wrinkles) and tells me about how the process works, the different products available and the after effects. We decide to use Juvederm – renowned for its pliability and suitability under the eyes. Older clients may find a firmer filler gives them the desired look and lasts longer. Elaine also suggests a bit of wrinkle relaxation around the edges of the eyes where I tend to have lines when I smile. Having tried Bocouture before and found the effects to wear off very quickly, we decided to give Azzalure a try.

I get comfortable on the bed and Elaine gives me a hairnet to put on, before cleansing my face and applying local anaesthetic cream around my eye area. We chat while the cream takes effect and I feel so relaxed, breathing in the aroma of joss sticks and enjoying the birdsong from outside. Using the tiniest needle ever, Elaine injects a small amount of botulinum toxin around each eye – it’s a painless process, I’m barely even aware of it. A couple of minutes later, I’m sitting up and enjoying a delicious Brazilian coffee, made with ground beans that Elaine has brought over from home.

Elos Lemos Clinic

After coffee, it’s time for the filler. Elaine checks that the area under my eyes is numb and injects just 0.2ml of Juvederm under each eye. Again, the process is pain-free. She massages the filler for even distribution and shows me the overall effect in the mirror. There’s some pretty instant bruising – a result of the wrinkle relaxer injections – and a bit of swelling but I can already see a difference. Very soon after, when I smile, the lines have vanished from around my eyes; compared with Bocouture, the effect is noticeable much more quickly. The filler is harder to judge at this stage with all the swelling.

I leave hoping for the best, with a special cooling pad to use when I get home. Actually, I decide that ice might do a better job, and wrap a handful in a tea towel, placing it on one eye and then the other for about an hour after I get home. I won’t lie: the swelling and bruising is a bit of a shock; luckily, I’ve got a couple of great colour correction concealers that cancel out purple tones, so I slap them on. A chance meeting with an acquaintance during the weekly food shop goes down well – he only notices I’m a bit swollen when I tell him what I’ve done. A trip to my grandparents’ later in the day is equally unremarkable, with neither of them noticing a thing. Phew!

Elos Lemos Clinic

Several handfuls of ice over a couple of days and the swelling and bruising has almost completely subsided. I revisit Elo Lemos Clinic in Bramhall for a relaxing radiofrequency skin tightening treatment, which massages my entire face, concentrating on the undereye area to relieve puffiness and distribute the filler. Afterwards, I have a glycolic acid application to remove dead skin cells, a post-peel crystal fibre mask and repairing treatment by cosmeceutical brand mesoestetic.

Elos Lemos Clinic

Feeling pampered, I step out of the clinic with a shiny but refreshed face. The next day, the swelling has all gone, a tiny bit of bruising remains but I’m certain that in a couple more days it too will have diminished. Looking at the pictures, I’m really happy with the natural-looking results; my eyes seem to have opened up, the lines have gone and there’s a youthful fullness under my eyes that I really missed. It just goes to show that just a small change can make a big difference, and it’s something I can feel as well as see.

For aesthetics in Bramhall, book in for a consultation with Elo Lemos Clinic using the following links:

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