Bramhall Bakery

6 Nov 2013

Reviewed by Nicola Brown, Bramhall

Finally we have a proper bakers again. But not only that, it appears it’s an artisan bakers, celebrating everything that was good and incorporating new ideas.

For some years we all moaned that Bramhall needed a proper bakers, like we used to have. Then one day the whispers started that one was coming and Bramhall Bakery opened.

The owners, Scott and his wife Jo  are keen to use Scott’s  skills in producing unusual breads and creative recipes (including the Bramhall Bloomer) as well as the more traditional or familiar ones. Ancient grains are also used ‘spelt; for instance. Spelt is a grain that has been used in bread production for centuries. It produces a heavier and slightly denser  loaf,  and has a slightly nutty flavour. It has numerous nutritional benefits and it appears to not cause some of the sensitivities that some people find with wheat.

For sale there is always a delicious array of savoury treats. Many are particular to the shop. The cheese and marmite scroll has been a huge hit. My particular favourite is the feta and spinach savoury twist. The pasties are also delicious. The Pork and Scrumpy cider is just too temptingly  good  and it takes all of my self-control to not order a sausage roll to eat on my way home.

My favourite Friday job is to go to the bakers and stock up on some treats for the weekend. My sons’ favourite is the caramel slice and my daughters a custard scroll. My husband likes the pain aux raisin. I love the olive sourdough baguette. Where else can you  buy  an olive bread that has delicious plump olives in it. The simplest things in life are often the best (well when it comes down to food!). A chunk of Olive Sourdough, buttered and stuffed with Beards the Butcher’s ham is one of the most delicious things in life.

Bramhall Bakery are always keen to support the community and get involved with local events and donate prizes for fundraising to the local schools. A brilliant initiative they have become involved in is to donate almost every day any leftover food they can to local charities. The Wellspring, Chelwood Food bank and various other charities in the area regularly benefit from this. What a fantastic way to help others and cut down on food waste.

Bramhall Bakery also offer a fantastic pre-ordering service at Christmas so don’t forget to get your order in. In that madness that is the Christmas food shop, it is a real joy to just collect the pre-ordered, pre-paid bakery goods. They also offer lots of exciting and seasonal treats so watch out for them being advertised in store.

If you’ve never been to Bramhall Bakery, please do, you won’t be disappointed. In recent times, our high streets have been flooded with faceless chains. The lure of the supermarket attracts us mainly due to its attractive prices. The supermarket will be cheaper, however definitely not better. I am a total believer in buying better quality, valuing the product and wasting less. We are really lucky to have so many independent, quality retail shops in Bramhall. Let’s make sure we use them so they will stay with us to enjoy.


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