Bramhall Band “The Ordinary” Grab Attention From Top Names

3 Mar 2014

What inspires our Bramhall based band to write lyrics that grab attention from the likes of Noel Gallagher and Happy Monday’s Dan Broad?

Kazo, formally known as The Ordinary are set on making their mark. They burst onto Manchester’s music scene in 2012, and since then have played a host of high-profile concerts including Noel Gallagher’s after show party. Word is spreading fast about Bramhall’s teenage band who write and produce their own material, songs they say “reflect issues and experiences we have all been through.”

In their recent interview on The Big Slice Radio Show 7, Blackthorn Music Festival (where The Ordinary are playing live this July), commented “The Ordinary, they are really genuine lads, work incredibly hard, spend a lot of time making sure their own facebook and website are sorted.  They have grown incredibly and it’s amazing how they and their music have moved on. Their track, Easy Living from their new EP, is fantastic.”

So what inspires The Ordinary to write lyrics which resonate with listeners of all ages? They say their music is targeted at teens and twenties…but anyone would relate to the kick back, passion and questioning The Ordinary evoke. What is it about The Ordinary that simply isn’t ordinary?

“We realised the other day” says Jack, The Ordinary’s lead singer and vocalist, “that no matter what music we play it always ends up being converted into our style. The last thing you want is to be forcing music which isn’t coming naturally, you know within the first ten seconds of playing if you have a song, the best songs come after midnight when you’re really bored and tired, but can’t sleep so you try to write to send you to sleep…then you end up writing the first thing that pops into your head cause you’re so tired, and end up with a song done in 20 minutes, and that’s because you’re not overthinking anything, you’re just writing.”

“So many writers try too hard to force their lyrics. I just write whatever pops into my head, it’s more in the moment and personal.”

So, in a nutshell, The Ordinary don’t conform, they take from everything… from Led Zepellin and Hendrix to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage against the Machine and Nirvana, with the result that they sound like no one.

“The whole ‘what genre are you?’ Well, that’s quite a tedious question” says Jack,”that stubborn reliance on past genres, because no person of our generation gets their information from just one place.”

“We’ve got quite a postmodern attitude to the creation of music. We don’t fit into any category. We are just The Ordinary.”

“We veer from anthemic stadium rock into funk. Our band is about the experience. It’s a big, sonic experience.”

“Because we’re not ordinary. We write about ordinary things, but we play and perform as we want… we don’t try to fit in with anyone or anything… and it works for us.”

So, The Ordinary write original music, inspired by Everyday Situations. Dan Broad has worked alongside The Ordinary to produce their debut EP, set to be launched at this year’s Headlander Festival

Bassist Mike Silcock, lead guitarist Jake Blythe, drummer Sam Keene and Jack Henigan intend to stay true to their fans: “We want to get our music across to as many people as possible, in any way possible. Our fans are the fifth member of the band. It wouldn’t work without them.”

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