Bramhall Festival 2014

11 Jul 2014

Newly formed Bramhall Together Trust, have created a partnership between local businesses and local community groups. Their first event – The Bramhall Festival, the first of 3 key events planned for this year, was a resounding success. None of the events are council funded.

The festival opened on Friday 4th July afternoon with the SuperJam Tea Party at Hillbrook Grange, organised by Wendy Green from, which saw over 200 senior residents having a splendid time, despite the torrential English summer rain. “Two months ago I had no funds and just an idea. What we have just achieved is just incredible and that is thanks to the generosity of the people of Bramhall”

Saturday morning saw the sun shining brightly, just in time for the festival parade. The parade started with Bramhall runners’ inaugural bimble.

It was wonderful to see lots of local business decorated with festival bunting and flags, really getting in to the spirit of the carnival theme. “This year’s Festival has been a great success, received well by everyone who attended and all the market stalls were busy, so celebrations all round.  Obviously the weather has a huge part to play in lifting everyone’s spirits and drawing the crowds in.” Roger Prydderch, Chairman of the Bramhall Together Trust, said. “Obviously, it was a huge team effort, so thank you to everyone who contributed. “We were honoured for the Mayor of Stockport to attend the tea party on Friday afternoon and also the Mayor & Mayoress to attend the festival parade on Saturday. The Mayor and Mayoress certainly seemed to enjoy their visit and their impromptu walk around the market stalls.  The Mayor said that our Festival “Blew the socks off a recent Festival” he’d attended.“Congratulations go to 1st Bramhall Scouts for winning the most creative paraders winning the Bramhall Festival Cup and £200! We never thought we’d see a water skier going down Bramhall Lane South! Well done to everyone who took part in the parade, everyone looked fantastic, and really added to the carnival theme. The planning for next years parade starts now.” Said Peter Boxall of 1st Bramhall Scouts.

Bramhall Together Trust wanted to offer something for everyone, by bringing the community together and show everyone why we hold the title of Britain’s friendliest village.There are things we have learnt from organising this festival and next years is set to be even bigger and better.

Photos thanks to Paul Day, Chris Ambrose and Dzinr.

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