Bramhall History the Missing Pieces

10 Nov 2015

Karen Swanepoel from South Africa contacted recently as she’s been researching her family history and came across a record that indicated her grandmother and her brother  were living in Bramhall in the early 1900’s

Their residence was recorded at 138 Ford’s Lane, Bramhall, Cheshire and they went to a school called ‘Bramford’ in 1903 and 1908.

Here’s the photography of the Florence Mary and George Carr Bouchier standing outside 138 Ford’s Lane in 1906, it would be lovely if someone could share this post with the existing owners of the property.

138 fords lane cheshire 1906 ed.

138 Fords Lane Bramhall 1906

It was then by pure chance that she stumbled across the early school record for  Florence Mary and her brother George Carr Bouchier,FLorence Mary Bouchier ed.George Carr Bouchier (school) ed
We are appealing for more information about the school, did Bramford school exist, where was it? or was it Pownall Green? Has anyone got any photos from back then.

Karen also discovered her grandmother’s school photographs from approx. 1911 and 1915.



mary school 1915 ed


There is a sad end to this story,  just 9 years later that the young George Henry Bouchier, aged 19, was killed in action at Gallipoli in 1915.

The story goes that on news of George’s death, his mother, also a Mary, died of a broken heart shortly afterwards and then George and his young daughter started afresh in South Africa.

If you can add to this story and help Karen put the missing pieces together please contact [email protected]


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