Bramhall Park Physiotherapy: Helping homeworkers through the Covid-19 crisis

29 Sep 2020

With so many of us now working from home, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to our posture during those long periods in front of the computer. Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic are increasingly treating and advising people who are now working from home, offering expert care in this area alongside general physiotherapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation and more.

Based on Fir Road, Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic has occupied its current home for 14 years, with owner Julie Davidson opening the practice after a period of time working out of Bramhall Park Medical Centre.

julie davidson - bramhall park physio

Specialising in physiotherapy specific to headaches and migraines, Julie uses the innovative Watson technique to correct problems in the neck causing the headache or migraines. Alongside her specialism, Julie also offers more generalised physiotherapy, treating people of all ages with musculoskeletal issues or injuries, and increasingly those with postural problems arising from their desk jobs.

julie davidson - bramhall park physio

Julie is joined at Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic by musculoskeletal experts and spinal specialists Clodagh and Sharon, and paediatric specialist Sally. Bowen practitioner Hilary and sports therapist and masseur Rob Davies complete the team. Collectively, the team has a wide range of skills, treating everything from sports injuries and joint and muscle aches and pains to more complex spinal disorders.

Restoring pain-free normal movement and function for the individual is the mainstay of physiotherapy. The physiotherapists at Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic use various complementary techniques and solutions to cater for the varying needs of each individual client. Acupuncture, injection therapy and rehabilitation at home for older people are just a few of the additional services offered by the team.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that for safety reasons, staff are currently unable to work alongside each other at the practice, but everyone is putting in extra time to ensure that clients can still access the services they need. Measures have been implemented to guard against virus transmission, and staff are suited up in visors, masks, aprons and gloves during sessions. 

Julie says that since safely re-opening, the practice has treated an increasing number of patients experiencing discomfort from homeworking. Sitting in the same position for hours isn’t natural, and working at a desk from home rather than at the office may not be ideal if the workstation hasn’t been configured to promote correct posture for the individual. 

Poor posture affects the neck, back, shoulders and arms, causing tension, aches and pains that make working uncomfortable. As well as manually assisting clients with discomfort caused by poor posture when working, Julie and the team also offer advice on exercises and simple strategies that can help prevent problems in the first place.

Julie advises taking regular breaks to loosen up, which don’t necessarily mean breaking focus on the task in hand. Simple exercises like dropping the arms to your sides and rolling your shoulders when you’ve stopped typing for a moment can help prevent tension building up in the shoulders and upper back. Another tip is to set a timer to beep every 15 to 20 minutes, reminding you to stand up and stretch for a few seconds. 

Bramhall Park Physio

With just a few changes, it’s possible to be more comfortable when working from home, or elsewhere – the advice can be put into practice wherever you’re working to promote healthy posture. Julie and the team are happy to advise new and past patients – get in touch directly using the links below to find out more, or to book your consultation at Bramhall Park Physiotherapy. 

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