Bramhall Thursday Club – Street Party

4 Jul 2016

The Bramhall Thursday Club recently held their own Street Party to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.

As is expected on a June day in England, first the sun, it shone; then the rain, it raineth down. So it was a good thing they were able to bring their sunshine in their smiles and laughs, because we had to adjourn indoors rather rapidly!

Thursday Club

The lovely accordionist, Rob, played smashing music; the sandwiches and cakes, seasoned by a few drops of rain, were happily consumed and those very nice people from Alexander, Amaranth, Elite Tanning & Beauty, Greetings and Terence-Paul kindly gave goodies for party bags.

One of the major highlights was when the tinies from the pre-school wanted to know ‘what’s happening there?’ and the staff very kindly escorted them on a walk-about through the Club Members. That was a truly magical meeting of very tiny people with really rather elderly people.

Thursday Club

Thank you everyone who helped to make a beautiful time.

If you would like to know more about the Thursday Club in Bramhall, David and Carol Sargent, [email protected], 0161 439 1779 can help.

Thursday Club Bramhall

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