Bramhall’s Cutest Dog Winners at Bramall Hall

22 Jan 2014

Cuteness, chaos (and a few stolen sandwiches!) were the main order of the day at Bramall Hall for the prize giving of I Love Bramhall‘s Cutest Dog Winners.

1st Place went to Teddy, a seven month old Cockapoo

“When we first had him at eight weeks old his tail never stopped wagging and he was full of energy and bounce. To this day he is the most affectionate, mischievous, playful and loveable bundle of fun and we hope he never changes. He is a joy to own” (If you look closely on the last image in our gallery you can see Teddy waiving to his fans!)

2nd place went to Bailey, a 2 year old Cockapoo

“The sweetest, cuddliest and well behaved little girl. She doesn’t like getting dirty and hides under the nearest bed when the vacuum cleaner comes out! Adores her grandpa, cuddly toys and tuna fish. Oh and has a boyfriend called Alfie!”

3rd Place went to Ruby, a 3 year old Chocolate Labrador

“She is very gentle and well behaved. But when it comes to picnics and BBQ’s in Bramhall park she is a fiend! stealing any food she can get her mouth on. Straight after the photo shoot she dashed over to the hikers having their lunch and managed to steal a sandwich – salmon and cucumber!. In her defence the sandwich box was left open behind the bench on the floor – and unattended so what’s a dog to do? Ruby loves swimming and fetching tennis balls, and following the cats around at home and sleeping on any bed she can manage to sneak on.

She is clever and for a little treat she will sit, beg, high five, lie down, roll over and even conga with you.”

4th Place went to Gizmo, a two and a half year old Bichon Frise.

“He is very loving and hates to be left out of any cuddles.  He loves everyone apart from the poor postman!  If you say “hello” to Giz he tries to say hello back in a very amusing way. He will stand in the middle of the room and stare at you until you get him a treat – a very cheeky chappy.  He howls at 7am to let you know he is awake so when we go downstairs he runs straight up into our bed  and goes back to sleep but we love him dearly and wouldn’t have him any other way!!”


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