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22 Dec 2021

If you live in Bramhall or Cheadle Hulme, you will have heard of I Love Communities. The original I Love Bramhall was created way back in 2013 by founder Wendy Green. Wendy felt driven to boost her local community and support the businesses and groups within Bramhall village.

I Love Cheadle Hulme quickly followed, Wendy and her team are now familiar faces and are the go-to people when help is needed.

The whole ethos of I Love Communities is built on support Thousands of people within our community rely on us for help. We send out neighbourhood alerts about most things: lost pets, lost and found items, roadworks, flood warnings, and community news and updates.

And this is all done free of charge.

We want to reunite you with your lost dog. We want to support local charities and help raise money for the fab work they do. We want to keep you updated with what’s going on so you can get the best from your local community.

This is all done free of charge, and that will not change. Knowing we’re a lifeline for so many is what motivates us.

Behind I Love Communities is a team of dedicated people working hard to keep you all connected and they need paying. All our revenue that keeps I Love going comes from local businesses and community groups advertising with us. We’re so grateful for the ongoing support of so many businesses. Still, the pandemic has hit us all hard, and for some, the budget is just not there anymore.

The 'I Love' Team

The ‘I Love’ Team

There are plenty of ways to support I Love Communities.

Sharing and liking our posts is great. Referring local businesses to us also helps. We now also have a buy me a coffee page.

This is a site where you can show your support for the I Love Communities team and treat them to a coffee. It might not sound a lot, but it does contribute to running what we think is a vital community network.

LOVE what we do?

If you find what we do valuable or we’ve helped you over the last few years, we’d love you to buy us a coffee. Whether it’s 1 or 4, that doesn’t matter. Any contribution will make a difference to our team.

We want to keep giving the same level of news and support to Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme for years to come. Your donation will go towards making that happen.

You can now buy me a coffee and secure our ‘I Love’ future ❤️

Buy us a coffee

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