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20 Sep 2019

When it comes to finding care options for yourself or a loved one, many would agree that only the very best will do. I Love Bramhall spoke to Registered Manager Katie Brennan of Carefound Home Care to talk about the ways they are offering just that to Bramhall residents.

Though established in Harrogate in 2011, Carefound Home Care has been delivering care services to clients in Cheshire since the opening of their Wilmslow office over two years ago. Carefound Home Care is a small and locally-driven company with around 25 clients in Bramhall and the surrounding areas, where its reputation is second to none. 

Carefound Home Care has consistently attained an ‘Outstanding’ rating in all areas of the business from regulating body the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – something only two per cent of care providers in the country are able to say. They are also the highest rated company of their kind in Cheshire, which Katie attributes to their flexible, attentive and people-oriented approach to care.

One of the ways in which Carefound Home Care ensures that clients receive consistently exceptional care is by looking after its staff: there’s a 24/7 office hotline for staff to call should they have any questions, and employees are both recognised and rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Staff are also given the opportunity to enhance their skills through professional development courses.

Around 30 professional carers work out of Carefound Home Care’s Wilmslow office, so the roughly even carer-to-client ratio means that all clients’ needs can be met without ever compromising on service quality. One client mused that the ‘friendly staff are like family’ – a sentiment that highlights how effective Carefound Home Care are at delivering a top-notch service with a friendly smile.

Opening of Carefound’s Wilmslow Office

Care Manager Amie Blott remarked how lovely the close-knit Bramhall community is – something many clients in the area also attest to. Opting for live-in or hourly care means that clients stay close to the community they love, assisted by local carers who know the ins and outs of the village. Everybody is different, and the service offered by Carefound Home Care reflects this. Initially, a client chooses whether hourly or live-in care is better suited to their needs – the former consists of anything from an hour to assist with personal care, shopping, or help around the house, while the latter offers 24/7 care as an alternative to a residential care home. 

Carefound Home Care carers offer far more than the expected assistance with dressing, cooking and cleaning – they also provide companionship in all aspects of life. This can mean anything from helping look after the dog to assisting clients with getting to and from clubs and activities or arranging travel – it all comes down to the client. 

The team of carers – all of whom are fully DBS checked and work towards at least a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care – also receive specialist training in conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease, including implementing the SPECAL (Specialist Early Care for Alzheimer’s) method to help ensure the wellbeing of clients with dementia.

All clients receive an initial assessment of care needs so that the team knows exactly what to deliver, and a flexible, interactive care plan is set up that’s tailored to the client’s needs as they ebb and flow – a truly holistic and personalised kind of care is offered by Carefound Home Care.

If you can imagine yourself or a loved one benefitting from some extra help, be sure to get in touch with Carefound Home Care for a chat about what they could offer. Use the links below to find out more:

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