Cheshire Community Choirs Launch a New Beginners Choir

29 May 2019

Cheshire Community Choirs is proud to have been a part of the Bramhall community since September 2010.

The ethos of the Bramhall Community Choir has always been to teach people who couldn’t sing or hadn’t done so for a long time, to sing in a healthy way and have fun with no auditions or experience required. Since then, three more choirs have been formed and members have come and gone over the years but we maintain a strong core of people who have learned, practiced and fundamentally improved making lifelong friends in the process! 

Cheshire Community Choir

Since its inception the Bramhall Community Choir has grown in numbers and performed for the public at many local events. It has also joined with its sister choirs (Alderley Edge and Heald Green), to compete at Alderley Edge Music Festival against other established choirs. All the Community Choirs learn the same songs each term which enables them to join together for events to create one large community choir.

Cheshire Community Choir

Unfortunately, they now find themselves with an enormous problem. Their members are no longer the inexperienced singers they once were, they have learned and improved so much that new members are finding it difficult to keep up. Consequently, Cheshire Community Choirs have decided to start a new Beginners’ Choir. 

This new choir will meet for an hour each week learning the basics of healthy singing but also how to sing in a choir. If you have never been part of a choir it can be quite daunting.  You can feel totally isolated as if you know nothing and everyone else in the choir are all experts! The beginners’ choir will help you learn how to breathe properly, stand correctly, produce a good sound and understand the basics of music, whether you have sung before or not. It’s a great way to meet new people and singing in a friendly atmosphere is really good for keeping healthy. Both singers and non-singers of all ages and experience are welcome to join this new choir.Each week you will build on what is learned but it is not essential to attend every session. Once you have the confidence in your abilities you can then move on to join a choir of your choice with confidence in your abilities!

Cheshire Community Choir


The first session will start on June 6th, 1-2pm at Centrepoint, Bramhall (next to the Methodist church).  It will be a pay as you go choir and cost £5 each week to non CCC members. If you decide to join one of our choirs the beginners’ choir will then be free to attend alongside each of the other choirs. 

Cheshire Community Choir

If you are interested in attending you can just turn up on the day or if you’d like more information contact Kate Firth via the links below:


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