Chinese School Visits Pownall Green

16 Feb 2019

Pownall Green Primary School was delighted to welcome this week, the Headteacher, a teacher and five children from their sister school in China, Datang 45.

The visit coincided with Pownall’s Diversity Theme Week when each year group learnt about a different country and participated in workshops and presentations celebrating diversity through song and dance.

Pownall Green-Chinese

The visitors were hosted by the two Year 5 classes, who in anticipation of the visit had been learning Mandarin.  As well as participating in lessons, the adults and children enjoyed a tea party where they were joined by the Mayor of Stockport who presented the Chinese Headteacher with a framed collage of iconic Stockport landmarks.  The week ended with a visit to Bramall Hall and a performance to the school by the Chinese children.

Pownall Green-Chinese

Pownall Green School

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