Dog Friendly Bars and Pubs in Bramhall

8 Aug 2022

There are tons of dog friendly bars, pubs, and restaurants in Bramhall, and there are even more reasons why we love them. Where to begin? For many, the glaringly obvious is that it means we can take our dogs out with us without having to leave them at home alone. As much as we love them, we almost guarantee you in turn your pooch loves you twice as much back… And how would you feel if you had to leave your best friend alone all evening? 

Dog friendly bars and restaurants are all the rage.

They’re ideal for those who don’t get to see their pooch during the day, can’t leave them at home alone, or want to meet other dog lovers. By allowing pets in their business, dog-friendly establishments also gain a loyal following of patrons who love nothing more than hanging out with friends over drinks while sharing some quality time with their canine companion. Win-win! 

The concept of doggie friendly places has only recently become part of mainstream culture, and increasingly as we begin to return to our offices and workplaces following a covid-enforced ‘work from home’ few years, they’re ideal for those who don’t get to see their pooch during the day.

There’s no doubt that dogs bring joy into our lives – they’re fun, loving companions who can help us feel better when we’re down or share an amazing bonding experience when we’re happy, so why would we not want to take them out with us?

So, if you found yourself nodding along in agreement as you read the preceding paragraphs, your next thought should be “But where can I take my dog out in Bramhall?”. Fret not, we have good news for you:

There are many dog friendly pubs and bars in and around Bramhall!

If you’re looking for somewhere new and exciting to spend an evening with your furry friend in tow that won’t break your budget but still offers great food and drinks (and even live entertainment, on the right day), check out some of these spots in our village: The Drawing Room, The Victorian, TRUNK, Piccolino and it goes on… our favourite gin bar 78 Degrees and if you take a wander out of the village to Fir Rd there’s the Ladybrook

Safe to say, we’re spoilt for choice. Here’s a list of some of our doggie friendly local favourites, just so you can have a proper bar crawl:

Crown and Conspirator

The Crown & Conspirator

brooklyn quarter

The newly opened Brooklyn quarter!

the bubble room

The Bubble Room

Nook and Broom Bramhall

Nook and Broom

Safe to say we love dog friendly bars and restaurants for many reasons, and Bramhall has them aplenty.

Dogs also need socialisation and exercise

More than just benefiting us, though, we also love taking our dogs out with us because it benefits them too. Regardless of breed, size, or age, dogs need socialisation and exercise. Much like us, dogs are social creatures, and they need company. Taking them out to a place with new people, new things, and new smells (Steak Wednesday at the Bubble Room immediately springs to mind for this) is so crucial in keeping your pooch stimulated and socialised. 

Another great thing is that it gives us an excuse to go out more often, and support our fantastic independents all whilst doing so. 

So, next time you’re planning on heading out but think you’ll have to leave the dog at home, think again! Bramhall is choc full of dog friendly bars and pubs. You and your pooch will also be sure to make some new friends along the way. 

The easiest way to spot a dog friendly bar is to look for the Bramhall Dog Groomers logo in the window.  The brilliant dog emporium located right here in the village has made it crystal clear that where you see the sign, you and your canine companion are completely welcome.

Bramhall Dog Groomers logo

‘We are dog friendly’ sign from Bramhall Dog Groomers

Regardless of whether you’ll have a four legged friend in tow or not, if you want to find out more generally about the bars, restaurants, and pubs of Bramhall, you’re in the right place! Check out our complete guide to Bramhall’s hospitality scene.

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