I LOVE Eds Hair: Locked Down but Stepping Up

16 Jan 2021

January is a particularly hard time of year for many of us, add in a National Lockdown and it’s all looking pretty grim.  Our local businesses have had to close their doors once again to sit it out and hope for the best.

Eds, our favourite Brazilian hairdressers have once again stepped up to the plate.  This time to reward loyal clients, offer some home hair hacks and gain some new skills and knowledge.  They won’t let Lockdown 3.0 get in the way of their can-do attitude, or their commitment to their community.

As you would expect, Eds‘ appointment book was full for January as the Government imposed the latest restrictions.  Clients feel reassured that their appointments will still stand once restrictions are lifted, after all, we’ve been here before!  The priority waiting list of previous lockdowns worked so successfully that the team have brought it back.  The appointment list is still open and anyone can join the list here.

Eds at Home

Back in March the extended lockdown had people reaching for the home dye kits and trying their hand at hair ‘styling’ as they tried to keep on top of roots and dull ends.  With many in the hospitality industry believing the restrictions will be in place until March, it’s good to know that Eds online shop has some nifty, professional products to avert any unnecessary disasters.  A range of professional colour refresh products and salon shampoo and conditioners are the perfect way to bridge the gap between salon and home, and because it’s Eds, there’s free local delivery too.

OSiS+ Boho Rebel Pigmented Dry Shampoo

A visit to the hairdressers isn’t just about the styling, it’s the stopping, taking time to relax and switch off.  A visit to the salon is a pampering treat, somewhere to escape and catch up on the latest magazines, interruption free.  With the current guidelines insisting we stay home, Eds are inviting anybody to take a seat, pour a cuppa and access the salon’s range of digital magazines for free! There are 76 titles to choose from so plenty of subject matter to occupy the mind for an hour or so from the comfort of our own sofa.

Skills and Knowledge

Well known for their love of upskilling, the team continue to add to their skills and knowledge when they can’t be in the salon.  They have been busy with online courses, Zoom webinars and training by world-class hairdressers such as Sophia Hilton from Not Another Salon and Vivienne MacKinder, International Creative Director for Trevor Sorbie and 5 times winner of best American hairdresser.  Eds is a salon that never sits still, despite what’s thrown at them.  Confirming their ongoing commitment to forward thinking hairdressing.

As the country settles into this latest, and hopefully the last lockdown, Eds are wishing everybody joy and happiness for 2021.  They continue to be thankful to everyone who has supported them through the whirlwind that has been 2020 and look forward to opening their doors once again.


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