Flash flooding leaves Bramhall under water – July 2019

1 Aug 2019

Days of flash flooding left parts of Bramhall under water this week after heavy rainfall on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 31 July 2019

According to the Met Office, 19mm of rain fell over an eight-hour period on Wednesday, following the extreme downpours witnessed earlier in the week.

ILB - Floods A555

Bramhall Green roundabout, Bramhall Park and Happy Valley have been worst affected, with 11 people and four dogs being rescued from across Bramhall in the past week.

Among the most notable rescues involved a teenage boy, who became trapped by fast-flowing water in Happy Valley. Firefighters at the scene used an inflatable path to reach the youngster, with one brave firefighter getting caught up in the deluge before having to be rescued by teammates.

Just outside Bramhall the Handforth bypass A555 has been closed off after flooding twice in one week, while train services have also been affected.

The rain has subsided over the last 24 hours but showers continue to fall intermittently. I Love Bramhall urges everyone to take extra care outdoors at the present time – a yellow Met Office weather warning for heavy rain remains in place for the rest of the day.

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