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31 Jan 2014

House of Colour… a World of Difference

Fyona Bassett has moved into the Style Cube in the Village Square in Bramhall and she runs Colour and Makeup Classes and Personal Style Days.

House of Colour made a world of difference to how I look and feel about myself and now I have the opportunity to help you experience this too!”

Fyona runs regular Colour, Make-Up and Image classes for men and women from her Style Cube in the heart of Bramhall Village. So don’t hesitate, don’t question whether you deserve to look and feel your very best, because you do… Read on to find out how you can start your own personal style journey now.

Fyona has a House of Colour Bramhall facebook page, which is full of useful tips and hints on ‘all things style’ and news about upcoming events. Please visit my page and ‘like’ it to receive regular updates. www.facebook.com/HouseofColourBramhall

About the Classes:

Classes are fun, friendly and interactive. Come along on your own, or with a friend.

Colour classes: This is where your journey begins. Come and discover the colours that work with your own unique skin tone and eye colour and take the first steps to making your wardrobe work for you. Identify which colours give you the ‘wow’ factor’ and take away a work book and leather wallet containing your own spectrum of colours. During the class we also look at the right lipstick shades, foundation and blusher. Shopping will become a lot more fun.

Make-up classes: A practical session to learn the techniques to achieve perfect skin and natural makeup. Three hours of pampering that will leave you informed, well groomed and feeling fantastic.

Personal Style day: Find out how to choose the best styles and shapes for you, based on your body shape and clothing personality, what to look for when shopping and how to pick clothes every time which you will love to wear.

After a long dreary winter you may feel like splashing out on a fresh new look once the new spring trends start appearing in the shops.

But just because something is in-store and others are wearing it, doesn’t mean that you should buy it.  Not every trend coming into the shops will be right for you, your body shape and your personality.  We often buy clothes on impulse at the start of a new season, which remain unworn in our wardrobes (often with the tags still on!) So before you hit the shops, open up your closet and try asking these questions to make sure all your next purchases hit the mark…

How much of what you’ve already got do you enjoy wearing? Be honest with yourself – if you don’t feel comfortable and confident in your clothes then should those styles, shapes or colours really be in your life?

What is it that works about the clothes you love? Is it the colour, the fit or the shape?

What is your body geometry? I’m not talking generalised apples and pears here. Take a look at leg and waist length as well as the more obvious proportions – which are the best lengths for skirts, trousers, jackets and tops for you?

What colours work for you? Colour has an incredible ability to make you look healthier, more confident and more attractive. It also has the ability to make you look unhealthy, tired and a size larger. Which have you received the most compliments when wearing and which have drawn comments about looking washed out or tired?

Do your clothes express what’s on the inside? It’s not all about shape and colour.  We all have a personality which means some clothes ‘are you’ and others are simply wrong.  By wearing your personality through your clothes you don’t allow your clothes to wear you.

What details and accessories suit your personality and body shape? Chunky or delicate, single or several all at once?

Once you really understand what works for you it’s so much easier to identify the clothes and accessories that will really make you look and feel amazing – and save you from another year of expensive mistakes.

Visit : The Style Cube, 1b Sovereign House, Village Square

Tel : 07771 971584

Website : www.houseofcolour.co.uk/fyonabassett

Email : [email protected]

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