Guinot: Changing the face of beauty in Bramhall

19 Mar 2018

If you think the world of beauty therapy isn’t for you, think again. Our resident writer Francesca had the enviable honour of enjoying her first ever facial at Guinot Bramhall recently. Read about her experience here and find out how this beauty baptism converted her to the cause.

I’ve always taken an interest in makeup and skincare but anything more – one-on-one beauty treatments for example – has remained unexplored territory. Perhaps it’s the perceived awkwardness of being in such close proximity to a stranger for a prolonged period of time, or because the results of treatments aren’t always instantly obvious; either way, having a facial was not something I could see myself doing. Ever. Well, until my 33rd birthday, that is.

After interviewing Guinot Bramhall’s owner Karen Hargreaves a number of weeks previously, I became increasingly curious about what the salon had to offer. Research into the company revealed a history steeped in science and innovation; coupled with the prestige associated with a luxury French brand, I must admit, I was feeling tempted. Exploring the plush treatment rooms, I couldn’t help but imagine what it must be like to spend an hour or so being pampered in the luxurious surroundings – a world away from the hectic lifestyle of this busy working Mum.

Guinot Bramhall

When I mentioned to Karen that I had never experienced a facial or pretty much any other beauty treatment aside from the occasional manicure, she insisted I come in and enjoy a birthday treat. We pencilled in an appointment for March and I waited for the day to arrive with building excitement and just a touch of nerves.

As it turned out, any hesitancy was unfounded. On the day, Karen welcomed me warmly and introduced me to my Guinot therapist Andrea Long, who made me feel at ease in a matter of minutes. I was offered a drink and we chatted about what the experience would involve, my skincare routine and any concerns or health issues that might be pertinent. Andrea made notes during the consultation to ensure the products used were appropriate for my skin type.

Guinot Bramhall

I was then given some privacy to change into a Guinot towelling robe and make myself comfortable on the (heavenly!) heated bed. My makeup was removed gently and my skin toned – having experienced the drying, tightening effects of toners in the past, I was wary of how my skin would react; surprisingly, though, the toner left my skin feeling clean and refreshed but not tight or irritated at all.

Next, Andrea applied a wonderfully fresh smelling gentle exfoliator to my face and décolletage, enriched with plant and herb extracts. By removing dead skin cells, the active ingredients applied afterwards can be better absorbed.

Throughout the treatment, Andrea explained the effects of each product. Because I’m prone to sensitivity and dry patches, we focused on desensitising, hydrating products. Andrea tailored my treatment according to my different problem areas, applying a hydrating gel to the driest parts of my face. She then worked over my face with cooling metal probes charged with positive and negative energy to push the products deeper into the skin, prolonging the effects of the facial for days after the treatment.

Guinot Bramhall

The Hydraderm Cellular Energy signature facial I was treated to is just one of a variety offered at the salon – there are anti-aging and lifting alternatives, too. The probes can be used to lift and contour the face, as well as promoting enhanced absorption of the products used.

After the massage with the probes, Andrea extracted impurities from my pimple-prone nose and chin areas and moved on to the oxygenating stage of the facial, smoothing on an expertly developed cream to settle my skin. She then applied heat to my face, allowing my pores to open up and purify. Antibacterial and germicidal, the treatment is ideal for acne sufferers, giving the skin a deep-down clean.

Paying special attention to the neck and eye areas, where we age fastest, Andrea applied different gels to these delicate areas, taking care at every stage to make sure I was comfortable and providing invaluable information and advice along the way. Next, Andrea applied a mask to my face and gave me a wonderful shoulder massage while the active ingredients kicked in.

Around an hour later, once the treatment had finished, Andrea applied Guinot’s best-selling complexion enhancing Hydra Finish tinted moisturiser, a little concealer under my eyes and some mascara to ensure I was looking lovely for my birthday lunch date. Glancing in the mirror, I could see an instant difference – my skin was hydrated and radiant, where before it was dull and grey. The redness in my cheeks had diminished too, a bonus!

Guinot Bramhall

                               Fran Newton

I headed out for lunch with renewed confidence, feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead. Moments later, my friends were complimenting me on how refreshed I looked, even with minimal makeup on. I left Guinot Bramhall feeling fabulous and looking even better, fully stocked with samples to prolong my fresh face.

UPDATE: Almost a week later and I’m still seeing the effects of my Guinot facial – my face is smoother, less red and looks clearer all round. I’ve swapped my Chanel foundation for the Hydra Finish tinted moisturiser and am finding it gives my skin a gorgeous glow without any oiliness. I absolutely cannot wait for round two at Guinot Bramhall!

For more information about Guniot Bramhall, the treatments on offer and any special deals, get in touch with Karen and the team using the information below.

Guinot Bramhall

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