Hello, I’m Giddy – Bramhall’s newest arrival

9 Jan 2016

Introducing Giddy….a new addition to the Bramhall Village Square, Giddy the Amazon collection point is causing a bit of a stir!

Instead of delivering a parcel to your home or business address, you can select the Amazon Locker option and pickup your parcel at a time that’s convenient for you, the large orange locker is positioned in front of Crookilley Crafts at the side of Sainsburys, access is available 7am to 7:30pm Monday to Saturday and 7am to 4pm on Sundays

Each Amazon Locker has a unique name and Bramhall has Giddy!Amazon Locker - Giddy

Maggie from Crookilley is finding it a source of entertainment, watching people’s reaction to Giddy.

The older pensioners are standing and walking past it giving it a very wide berth, looking at it in total confusion not sure what it is. I’m pretty certain some of them are tiptoeing past it. Other adults get a lot closer, looking at the touch screen and have a look of relief and even happiness.

Children are looking at it with excitement, wanting to touch the screen, but their parents stopping them, but then they are OK when the screen changes and are secretly pleased what their child has done. After school yesterday, I had to intervene and give a stern look at a bunch of boys who were trying to see if any of the doors were loose. They weren’t. Then I’m pretty certain that nearly every one of the boys has touched the screen and tried to input a code!

When your package is delivered to the locker, you automatically receive an email and/or text message with a special code.

Then, like a character out of a James Bond film, you discretely enter the code into the touchscreen. Bam! One of the compartments magically opens, revealing your package, safe and sound, just waiting for you

We welcome Giddy to Bramhall, I’m sure it will be a great asset to both businesses and residents.

(NB – the lockers aren’t live on Amazon yet, we will keep you posted)
Amazon Locker - Giddy

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