Hulme Hall Pre-School: Where curious, confident and happy learners grow

21 Sep 2020

As parents, we all want our little ones to begin their learning journey in a safe, happy setting where they can explore, create and grow. Set within the grounds of an independent school, with indoor and outdoor learning environments, Hulme Hall Pre-School offers just that and more, having cared for our youngest residents for over 40 years.

With an ethos of encouraging children to become curious, confident and happy learners in a nurturing and warm environment, Hulme Hall Pre-School cares for youngsters with dedication to learning and fun. Alongside fostering creativity and curiosity, the pre-school provides a rich learning environment that readies children between the ages of two and four for school life.

Headed up by former primary school teacher Mrs Khinda, the nursery has evolved over the years to fill a gap in the market. While searching for the ideal nursery for her own children, Mrs Khinda struggled to find a facility that delivered the best of both worlds in terms of nurturing children while also offering rich learning opportunities. 

When Mrs Khinda came to Hulme Hall Pre-School 16 years ago, having set up several early years foundation stage units across the country and as far away as Madrid, she resolved to create a facility that delivered abundant opportunities for quality learning in a setting that was still safe, happy and caring – cuddles are always on offer here! 

Passionate about providing early years education and shaping the formative years of the children in her care, Mrs Khinda is committed to laying the foundation blocks for youngsters in order to give them the best start in life. “I love what I do and I am so fortunate to get paid for it!” she says.

Self-contained with safe and secure access to the indoor and outdoor facilities, the pre-school is divided into two, with one section accommodating the early years cohort of two-year-olds and the other, kindergarten, catering for three and four-year-olds.

The pre-school room is equipped with age-appropriate resources and children have access to their own outdoor classroom. Kindergarteners utilise several different areas designed to create a sense of awe and wonder, including a sensory room, role play area, an understanding of the world area, a purpose-built kitchen and a classroom used in the summer term as part of their transition to ‘big’ school.  

Recently, £100,000 was invested in the creation of an engaging outdoor learning environment, which gives youngsters plenty of opportunity to explore through high quality play. Children have access to everything from a mud kitchen and a natural area where they grow herbs and vegetables, to a wooden stage for creative role play – and of course there’s lots of play equipment and even a track, too.

If that wasn’t enough, the pre-school is also able to utilise the facilities on site at Hulme Hall Grammar School, including the sports hall, dining hall and outdoor areas, so there really is plenty of variation in a typical week! 

Staff are deeply committed to their work and the nursery places a high priority on quality of education. There are two qualified teachers and two members of staff educated to degree level, supported by an early years practitioner qualified to level 3. To prepare children for school from a young age, staff are respectfully called by their title and surname, as they are at primary school, and children also wear a school uniform, which promotes a sense of unity.  

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke, the pre-school has taken stringent steps to protect the safety of children and staff, and was able to re-open at the beginning of June. In spite of the new Covid compliance measures, the children are blissfully unaware of any changes. The team have worked closely with parents to ensure that youngsters are happy and have the same care and enjoyment as they received prior to lockdown. The very fact that they run into pre-school without a backward glance says it all!  

Hulme Hall Pre-School welcomes new starters all year (subject to availability) – tours are available by appointment and can be booked by phone or via the website. To find out more about the Pre-School, or to speak to a friendly member of staff, use the links below:


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