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10 Mar 2017

IN Accountancy is an accountancy firm with a difference. We met Sarah, one of the directors one Friday morning in January to find out more about them as a company and what makes them tick, as well as more about Sarah herself and her role within the company.

Sarah grew up in Belfast and came to England via Germany – not the most direct route we’ve ever heard! She was in Germany for a while working for adidas no less, before being transferred to England and more specifically, Bramhall, where an adidas headquarters is! A decade with one of the largest sports brands in the world ultimately as head of strategy in the northern region is enough to make any CV stand out and is a job role Sarah looks back at with great fondness.


Next in line for Sarah was setting up her own business as a business coach and consulatant for high growth businesses. Through this phase of being a business consultant, she met her soon-to-be business partners of IN Accountancy – Andy Tyler and Richard Cullen. Having set up IN Accountancy in late 2012 they approached Sarah to help them with strategy and marketing. Soon after came the acquisition of another business for IN on the A6 in Stockport – Harrison-Newall. Sarah project managed this integration and ran that business for a while, in her words suddenly waking up with shares and an MD hat on! IN stayed on the A6 for nearly three years until December 2016 when they relocated into Rhino Court on Bramhall Moor Lane!

Turnover has more than doubled in the last couple of years, meaning that the growth of the business needed a reflection on that in size of premises. Sarah and the whole team are loving their new offices, and we at ILB do too – they’re perfect!

After knowing the area pretty well from her time with adidas, Sarah moved to Bramhall in March 2015 with her two children, who are now 12 and 10 years old.

“I love Bramhall. I love what Wendy has done with I Love Bramhall too. We’ve got a cracking community.”

Piccolino and Mercato are amongst Sarah’s favourites within the village, and who can blame her!? At IN, they have a tradition of taking the whole team out twice a year (and counting) to a Bramhall based restaurant.

In terms of the business that Sarah helps run, IN do lots of self assessments and help with small limited companies. Sarah herself deals with pretty much everything other than the actual accountancy side of things. Motivating the team, dealing with clients and the relocating of the premises, ensuring high quality customer service and more than all of that – she looks at the accounts in a different sort of way. She looks for solutions and new ways of improving your business’ performance.


“We’re really passionate about really good, fast service and keeping the fees reasonable.”

Sarah loves connecting people, hence why she loves us at I Love Bramhall so much. She has such a passion for it, in fact, that if a prospective client comes to IN Accountancy who may not be as compatible as someone else would be, she will recommend them to another accountancy firm that she knows of, as she did in the week of the interview – THAT’S how much IN care for the customer service.

At IN Accountancy, they have people who know how businesses work from both sides of the table: both as an accountant and as a business owner. This differentiates them from many other accountancy firms who don’t have as much business experience as the directors at IN and gives them a more comparable selling point.

“Our drive is to make our clients pay as little tax as possible whilst staying firmly within the boundaries of the law.”

The message from Sarah is clear – go and meet the team if you’re thinking about a new accountant. Meet their team and meet other accountancy teams and see who is best for you. In-Accountancy LOVE their new Bramhall offices and are excited about helping more of our community!


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