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4 Jun 2019

The sun is finally here again, and there’s no better feeling than rocking your summer wardrobe with confidence. I Love Bramhall met up with one man who’s dedicated to helping Bramhall residents look and feel like their best selves – personal trainer Atef Kabari, or AK Fitness.

Growing up as the son of a boxer, Atef developed a passion for fitness at an early age and was a keen sports player by the time he was seven. He tried his hand at martial arts such as judo and jiu jitsu, and later weight training, which he now specialises in.

Atef Kabari

Atef works out of Anytime Fitness in Bramhall Village Square, a small (but spectacularly equipped) and friendly gym. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the gym is located next to a car park and a short walk from the train station. As far as convenience is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Anytime Fitness

If you have a scroll through Atef’s Instagram profile, you’ll be taken aback by the incredible before and after transformations his clients have achieved. AK Fitness guarantees that every client sees – as Atef puts it – ‘maximum results in minimum time’, which is good news for anybody looking to shape up before a holiday.

AK Fitness

Yet for Atef, the confident smiles of his clients in the ‘after’ photos are more important than their visible results. He is a firm believer that improved physical health and mental health go hand in hand, and that working on fitness means working on all-round wellbeing and happiness, too.

After meeting a client, Atef devises a framework to help them achieve their own personal goals, taking into account their sleep, digestion, eating habits and current fitness levels. This way, he is able to build a holistic fitness plan for each individual, which will most efficiently help them attain their desired results.

Meal Ideas

Previously working for Ultimate Performance in Holland, Atef helped actors to get into shape for upcoming movie roles. His heart, however, stayed in Bramhall – his home for 13 years – and he loves the friendly atmosphere of the village and people saying ‘Hello’ in the streets.

If you prefer working out in a pair, Atef offers couples’ sessions, which are also a great way to make your money go a little further. Recently, Atef helped an engaged couple to get their dream bodies – and the confidence that comes with toning up – in the run-up to their wedding day.

As well as building muscle or losing weight, Atef works with people on their flexibility and posture. Many of his clients are busy professionals who spend hours in front of computers, so his workouts can help fix poor posture and any associated pain or discomfort.

AK Fitness

No matter your level of fitness or experience, having a personal trainer can really improve your gym experience. Not only do you avoid potential injury from using equipment incorrectly, a trainer adds a level of accountability that keeps you motivated to stick to your fitness plan.

AK Fitness

AK Fitness isn’t just about getting a six pack or losing a few stone (though that happens, too!), it’s about committing to a lifestyle choice, having fun and reaping the benefits of carving out a couple of hours a week to focus on your body and mind.

To have a chat with Atef and learn more about AK Fitness, check out the links below:

  • Visit: Anytime Fitness, Village Square, 8, Ack Lan East, Bramhall, SK7 1AW
  • Call: 07545 627996
  • Instagram: @my_akfitness
  • Facebook: AK Fitness

AK Fitness

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