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20 Mar 2017

Sophie Hoyle of Anytime Fitness, originally from Lancashire, moved to Manchester at the age of 19 to study Economics at Manchester University before working in finance corporate banking.

Although she thoroughly enjoyed working in banking it wasn’t something she wanted to do for life. She looked elsewhere and with her family already in business in various industries this gave her an idea to start her own business in a sector she was passionate about – Health and Fitness. She’s got loads of friends who live in Bramhall and therefore lots of strong ties to the village.

Anytime Fitness

When the opportunity arose to start an Anytime Fitness Health Club, her immediate thought was that it would be excellent for a community like Bramhall. With it being a gym, the size of property must meet a certain requirement, so choices were few and far between. However the current location of the gym arose as a possibility and Sophie seized it with both hands. We can all see why, the location is perfect!  For those of you who don’t know, it’s above Sainsbury’s in the Village Square.

“In the community of Bramhall, everyone is really enjoying the gym and I’m really delighted how quickly is has taken off – we’ve only been open two months and already have hundreds of members.”

Sophie owns a number of Anytime Fitness branches with her brother and sister.  There are currently four including Stockton Heath, Macclesfield, Knutsford and now Bramhall of course! There are  3,500 branches worldwide… WOW… and if you’re a member at one then you’re a member at them all for no extra cost! That’s a great perk to have, especially when so many of us travel around the country and even the world with our job. The friendly environment within the Bramhall branch is spread throughout the area, so you know you’ll get the same friendly  atmosphere at any of the Anytime sites.

Anytime Fitness


Having only opened at the start of January 2017, the gym is still all fresh, shiny and sparkly. The equipment is state of the art where you can log all of your progress and there’s even a room where you can do your classes through a virtual cinema style screen as well as many instructor led classes like yoga and more high intensity ones . It really is impressive, especially when it’s open 24/7. Yes – 24/7! A lot of people wonder why a gym would need to be open all hours, but there’s a very high demand for it. People with jobs such a taxi drivers or shift workers can’t always make it in the day, so it works out perfectly with them to go later in the evenings or early mornings, with the bonus of it being a lot quieter than in the day. The Bramhall community has taken to Anytime Fitness really well and it can only keep on impressing. There were already hundreds of members joined in the first couple of weeks!

Anytime Fitness

A focus for the Anytime Fitness team in Bramhall is to be personal with the members. At a lot of gyms, as we all know, you’re just a number. At Anytime though, the membership number is capped  and therefore there will never be the danger of becoming ‘just a number’ or ‘too busy’. You’ll become a bunch of friends at the gym and feel more welcome with every visit.

Anytime Fitness offer a free trial for three days to potential new members. Come down to the gym and find out for yourself how friendly and unintimidating the atmosphere is. As soon as you walk in you’ll be able to tell how good the gym is and how nice the family-run team are. Whether you train every day or once a week, Sophie welcomes you with open arms. We’re so lucky to have this addition to our community – long may our love for it last!

For more information on the new Anytime Fitness please visit or call Dan the Club Manager

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