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28 Sep 2016

Held at Centrepoint, Queensgate Sports Club and the United Reformed Church is a wonderful weekly opportunity for our young children to develop new skills and learn how to dance through the medium of ballet – all thanks to Miss Betty of BabyBallet Bramhall.

Classes currently run on Wednesdays and Saturdays but due to increased demand, Tuesday is soon to be another day of dance!

Babyballet Bramhall

If you have a child of any age from 6 months to 6 years, why not give Miss Betty a try? Her excellent skills not only with the ballet but with young children as well make her one of the most sought after classes in Bramhall!

You may be thinking – 6 months? My child can’t even talk or walk, let alone dance ballet! A lot of the work with these babies is sensory, nursey rhyme based, props and musical instrument based. Some of them eventually learn how to walk which is encouraged by Miss Betty and even could give ‘good toes, naughty toes’ a try. A lot of the parents of these babies enjoy the classes too as they get to socialise with each other!

Babyballet Bramhall

Miss Betty is originally from Bramhall and started dancing at the very young age of two years old. Not only did it keep her disciplined at home but she also fell in love with it. At the age of eleven, more classes were taken up and her talent was so strong that she got a placement with Royal Ballet Associates in Manchester. At sixteen, the success didn’t stop as she auditioned for performing arts colleges and got a scholarship at a school in London. To go and live down there at the age of sixteen for three years is testament to Betty’s character and her work-hard ethic which has carried on her success into her business life.

In her late teen years, Betty’s goal was to be a performer in theatre – she’s also a very good singer and is even in her own Motown tribute girl band! After her studies were finished, a cruise ship was next in line for Betty’s career path (as a performer, of course). This took her all over the world and saw the most beautiful places that our planet has to offer. Being away for 6 months at a time with only a couple of weeks at home is not for everyone, but fearless Betty absolutely loved it and can’t speak highly enough of it. Betty then went on to get a First Class Honours Degree in Dance Teaching at Middlesex University.

Babyballet Bramhall

After various tours and pantomimes, Betty decided that living out of a suitcase wasn’t enough for her and started teaching ballet as part of the BabyBallet franchise in Didsbury. 18 months went by and because she loved it so much, Betty decided to become a franchisee and open BabyBallet Bramhall! Bramhall was her chosen place for running the classes as she knows the area very well and went to Bramhall High. Betty, as so many of us do, loves the community and the atmosphere within the village and thought it was the perfect place for her to start her own ballet classes!

There are three different age groups with BabyBallet. ‘Tots’ which is 6-18 months. Next up is ‘Tinies’ which is 18 months-3 years old, and finally there is ‘Movers’ which is 3-6 years old. All three classes are great for posture, coordination and socialising with other children of similar ages. Each child is taught about waiting their turn and other discipline essentials which will come in handy at home!

Babyballet Bramhall

Miss Betty is currently offering £15 for a three week trial with no obligation, so if you want your baby to learn something new and you’ve always fancied ballet, then give it a try! It’s a great way for them to improve their discipline and a great way to have some fun! Miss Betty loves teaching ballet, she loves Bramhall, and we LOVE her too!

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