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28 Feb 2017

31-year-old Mehmoona Usman is the proud owner of Be Glam. It is actually a lot different to how it seemed her career would shape, as it saw her qualify as a pharmacist in 2010 – she certainly has more than one string to her bow!

Her private life involves her husband and two children who are just 3 and 4 who all must be extremely proud of her for what she’s come to achieve with Be Glam.


Born in the UK, Mehmoona moved over to Pakistan with her family and was raised there for 15 years of her childhood. She moved to Manchester to join her father. Later she went to Portsmouth for university and eventually qualified as a pharmacist. 2010 was also the year that she got married and moved to Cambridge for a couple of years – quite the journeywoman! When falling pregnant, family support was a major thing for the newlyweds, leading to them moving back up to Manchester. This is where the pharmacist career started to take shape, but was halted when both children were brought into the world.


While on maternity leave, the interest in make-up began. A course was taken at the school of make-up in Stockport every Saturday for a full year and everything from media, bridal, fashion and so much more was picked up along the way. Mehmoona wanted to be a freelance make-up artist on the side while she focussed on other things, but realised it’s a highly competitive market and she struggled to promote herself in it. It therefore became a full-time job.

The platform of Be-Glam was started so that other freelance make-up artists could use it as a way of getting themselves customers. Essentially, a customer will go on the app and tell it when they want to have their make-up done. A list of available freelance artists will then show up, and the connection is made between the two – the artist will then go to the customer’s house at the allotted time and do their magic with them! In some cases, if you need an emergency make over for that night, they can be with you within the hour!


Step by step, all you need to do is:

  • * Download the free app
  • * Log in using Facebook or email
  • * Select service that you want
  • * Enter post code
  • * Enter time and date you want the service
  • * Select your professional (they have full resumes for you to look at too!)

That’s it! How simple is that? It’s like the Uber of the beauty industry! At the moment, there are over 20 professionals working for Be Glam, so more than enough choice to suit you. It’s cashless as well, so takes away that hassle so many of us experience too. Soon venturing into the beauty treatments, so you can get red carpet ready at the comfort of your home, office or hotel. Pick and choose from waxing to spray tans or just your regular eyebrow tint and shape.


December 2015 is when the research behind the idea of Be Glam started, with the app launch happening in November 2016 which involved a famous Bollywood actress who came with about 250 people to Manchester. This made such an impression that multiple bridal bookings were made off the back of it.

Be Glam

The good impressions have rippled around the North West as well, with awards being won as shown by the pictures and I Love Bramhall’s very own Wendy using Be Glam for her ilovecheadlehulme 1st birthday party! Mehmoona and Be Glam are looking forward to many more customers in the Bramhall area. You’ll often see her at a Moxie event, so why not find out more there or give them a message on their Facebook page? They bring the salon to you, anywhere, any time. “Be you, Be Glam.”



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