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3 Aug 2016

We went to visit BE Lifestyle Boutique to find out more about Babs and the story behind BE.

“Life is not measured by the breaths that we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Be inspired by our treasures from around the world. Our shop is our home; we welcome you to BE.”

BE Lifestyle

A bold statement is the first thing you see on the website of BE, and the statement is matched by the experience in the shop. Quirky, fun and unique are three words to describe the shop and they also happen to match the personality of the owner, Babs Casey.

After being born in England and staying here for a mere three months, she grew up in Malaga, Spain and went to school there until she was 18. Fluent Spanish is just one of the benefits of this experience for Babs, who has used her Spanish influence in her work building relationships with Spanish companies since opening in February 2013.


BE has become the destination of choice for gifts within the Bramhall community. A lot of husbands go there for a present for their loved one as the options are endless and Babs will gladly help choose the perfect gift. “We’re a lifestyle boutique. Anything goes. Anything that makes your life enriched or anything that makes life better – we do it.” They have home wares, gorgeous women’s clothes and accessories, cosmetics, a few bits for babies, tots and more! You’ll have to visit the shop yourself to appreciate its magic.

BE Lifestyle

Babs is a big fan of the Bramhall community and lifestyle. As a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, she likes to know where all of her food comes from, so shops locally in the veg shop, Amaranth and Corry’s butchers to name a few. Her favourite restaurant is Mercato Italiano in the village centre, as she loves the food and the excellent team of staff that work there. A very popular choice with the locals, and we all know why!

Leading up to opening in February 2013, Babs has had experience in all sorts of industries. The self-proclaimed ‘work butterfly’ started off as a nurse in London before moving into restaurant management, then onto retail to free up her evenings to mother her newly born children. A stint in a sports retailer was the final stop before finally opening her lifelong dream of having her own little shop.

BE Lifestyle

Currently, Babs’ daughter is working at the shop helping out now that she’s finished her A-levels in English, Environmental Science and Geology. Her son is enjoying a position of assistant manager at the Village Hotel Cheadle. Impressive from a lad of just 20 years old, this family certainly has a bright future ahead.

Next time you’re passing, be sure to pop in to BE and find out for yourself exactly what they’re about. Whether it’s something for yourself, a gift for a loved one or anything at all to enrich your life – BE has got you covered.

BE Lifestyle




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