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10 Jul 2017

The wonderfully blessed Penny Silver has lived in Bramhall since the age of seven, she has incredible energy and  has recently started her own business, Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire.

She attended to local schools, firstly Ladybarn School and then on to Cheadle Hulme School, so she has a special relationship with Bramhall Village. She studied dental technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. This passion stemmed from her father, Greg Marshall, who is a dentist at our very own Bramcote Dental Practice! Penelope’s favourite haunts in Bramhall include The Bubble Room, Piccolino and Yard Bird are amongst her many favourite places to wine and dine in the village – great choices!


As is the case with so many of our stories, the degree Penny decided to study wasn’t necessarily the direct career path she was going to take. After university, she went to work for Bupa in their sales centre for a few year, she was very determined and worked her way up the corporate ladder. She then had a career break to make two very beautiful daughters until her next venture as an interior designer, which led to setting up a business doing interior design throughout the Northwest.

During this time Penny took the plunge and decided to raise her two daughters as a single parent, however undaunted by this task she also became the Business Development Manager for Gusto, Cheadle Hulme, which is where she met our very own Wendy Green, hosting Moxie Mingle networking events!

Still searching for more meaning in her life Penny decided to train in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which was recommended to her by her parents. Penny initially thought,

“it sounds like a load of rubbish, what a load of mumbo jumbo!”

But soon realised this was the answer she had been looking for, giving her more meaning to life, feeling at ease and a peace of mind she had never felt before.


Penny went to the course expecting nothing of it and was enjoying the day before the course leader asked if anyone there had any physical pain. At the time, Penny did. She had a split disk at the base of her spine, and it was an on-going problem for her, often throbbing with pain. Penny volunteered to be the example, so she could test the claims out. She was asked various things such as if there was a colour associated with the pain, to describe the pain, exactly where it is in the body, then she was shown tapping techniques to reduce the pain. To Penny’s amazement, the pain had gone, just like that. From that moment on, Penelope was hooked, she knew she had to take this message and help others find the same relief. To find out more about what tapping is, have a look at her website.

This was the level one course, and so naturally, level two soon followed and various other courses, which have led to Penelope being an Accredited EFT Practitioner, on the EFT register for EFT and Mindfulness.

Along the way, Penelope found Reiki which is a beautiful, relaxing treatment (hands on healing, check out the website for more). ‘Rei’ means universal life and ‘ki’ means the energy behind it – you learn something new every day!

Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire

When you absorb negative thoughts, feelings and energies, they can get trapped within yourself and create imbalances of the physical body. This is often why things like diseases, illness and mental health issues arise. The idea behind Penelope’s treatment at Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire is that she will help remove negative energy blocks, re-balance your energy centres and get you back to fighting fit.

Penny doesn’t offer “Straight Reiki”. Everything has been very carefully thought out; from the ultra soft blankets, goose down feather pillows, the soothing music, the most heavenly aromas, the most exquisite crystals, mulberry silk eye masks and the purest of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire

Penny offers a “Reiki Experience”, which begins with stroking the feet with hot mitts and essential oils for 5 minutes, deep breathing techniques, visualisations, followed by the Reiki and hand energy work to finish off. An indulgent hour of pure relaxation, most clients find it hard to leave!

“I am always looking for ways to add more value to my clients.”

Penelope is now a Reiki Master which she became this year – well-done girl! Many of her clients report of a better night’s sleep following their Reiki treatments.

“I believe that if you’re going to see a practitioner, they should be using the treatments themselves, and I do so on a daily basis.”

Some of the treatments Penelope offers are:

  • * Reiki
  • * EFT
  • * Essential Oils Lifestyle Classes
  • * Hopi Ear Candling
  • * Mindfulness Meditation

Penelope has recently collaborated with Zoe Oughton, from Relaxing Reflexology. They are excited to announce their new treatment “Rei-Flexology”!

“We always want to find ways to delight our customers, and the combination of Reiki and Reflexology is the ultimate, new, total deep relaxation experience. We are mobile and so come to you so that you can enjoy Rei-Flexology in the comfort of your own home.”

Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire

On Wednesdays, they are based at Beauty By Barnett Day Spa in Bramhall, the perfect environment to extend your relaxation experience, just a little longer. Let them take you on a journey of deep relaxation not only to leave your feet feeling like you are walking on a cloud but also to massage your soul and nourish your energy centres (chakras).

Beauty By Barnett

In more recent times, Penelope has taken her love of essential oils (she’s used them for over 25 years) and discovered therapeutic grade essential oils. She’s now using them in her practice during treatments like Reiki and EFT, but also runs classes, every Tuesday evening, on the oils themselves. These have been MASSIVELY popular and have sold out!

If you have a fear, whether it be rational or irrational, would like to increase your general wellbeing, or to simply relax, Penelope can use her methods to help you. She’s all about showing how you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and become empowered again, just like she did when she started again from nothing.

 “All too often in today’s current fast paced living I see clients who are buckling under the stress created in everyday life, their energy has become blocked and unbalanced”.

She believes if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t be of service and on top of your game. Find out more about Penelope and her journey on her Facebook page and website; it’s well worth it. Even if you, like Penelope did, think it’s all ‘mumbo jumbo’ then give it a try for yourself – you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Twitter: @ThePennySilver
Phone : 07736 314197
Email: [email protected]
W: www.penelopesilver.co.uk
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