I LOVE Bramcote Dental Practice

6 Sep 2016

Sitting in the waiting room at the dentist is rarely a relaxing experience. Bramcote Dental Practice throws that prejudice straight out of the window and continues to deliver expert services from start to finish of each customer’s trip.

On entrance, you’re greeted by lovely welcoming staff who offer a drink while you sit in comfy chairs staring at the gorgeous lights that hang down from the ceiling. Once the waiting was over, we spoke to Nigel to find out more – or to use his full title, Dr Nigel Saynor. BDS Vu Manc MSc Implantology!

Bramcote dental practice

Dr. Nigel came to Bramhall in 1984 and joined a partnership which had been established since 1952 – Bramcote Dental Practice. The partnership was with a man called Keith Vernon who later retired due to ill health in ’86. Nigel has been the sole owner of the dental practice since then, over three decades ago!

A more bespoke location was sought after by Dr. Nigel in 1990 and that’s when they moved to where they are now on Syddal Road just opposite the Barclays Bank. An extensive renovation was undertaken and lots of state of the art technology installed to bring the practice more up to date. The most recent renovation was 2012, where hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent on the crème de la crème of dentist technology making it the wonderful dental practice we know today.

Bramcote dental practice

Dr. Nigel himself has specialised in dental implants since 1986 and is very proud of that fact, as it is only in more recent times that more people have done so, giving him years and years of experience over the rest. Most people that come into Bramcote’s today think that dental implants are still a new revelation so are delighted to hear that Nigel has so much experience in the field. Travelling the world throughout the 90s to gain more information on dentistry and implantation was a wise move by Nigel as there wasn’t a structured learning course in the UK he could have taken – it’s safe to say he’s never looked back.

One of the mantras at Bramcote Dental Practice is that no patient should feel any pain in their experience. So if you’re a nervous patient like many of us, do not worry at all as they have remedies that can sedate you and not feel an ounce of pain!

2005 was another special year for Nigel because he was approached by the University of Manchester due to his experience and reputation worldwide (due to lecturing all over the world). They wanted him to teach students in their masters’ degree years and upon accepting the offer, also decided to take the masters degree himself and get a distinction!

Bramcote dental practice

Bramcote’s is seen as a hub for dentistry meetings in England. It’s access to the airport, motorway and train networks is perfect for long distance travelers and the eateries in the village are perfect. Nigel often takes visitors to the likes of Bubble Room and Mercato to have a post-mortem of the day’s work!

“This practice has one thing that most other practices don’t have. Over 30 years experience of doing the job.”

The experience and reputation that Nigel has attracts people from all over the continent would you believe, including Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

Nigel sees it it imperative that we as a community keep the centre of Bramhall how it is – exciting, vibrant and friendly. He’s very fond of the relationships that businesses have with one another in the area (so are we!) thinks the only way is up for our lovely Bramhall. We couldn’t agree more Dr. Nigel, and we think that Bramcote Dental Practice is exactly the same – friendly, professional and the only way is indeed up!

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