I LOVE Bramhall Bakery

10 May 2016

Bramhall Bakery has been with us in the village now for four years. Opened by Jo and Scott in May 2012, the bakery continues to go from strength-to-strength – and a second Bramhall Bakery has opened, up the road in Poynton. Bramhall Bakery is a truly independent family business.

Scott is an artisan baker from Melbourne, Australia with over 20 years’ experience, while Jo was a management consultant for a global professional services firm. They set up the bakery to share their passion for great bread, and bring superb quality, fresh-baked bread to Bramhall every day. With Jo’s business acumen and Scott’s baking talent, it’s little wonder Bramhall loves Bramhall Bakery!

Bramhall Bakery

Joanne and Scott Peters

In the Beginning…

Having already decided to move back from Australia, Jo had a job lined up and was all set for a new start. However, the job fell through as the whole team were made redundant. It must have been such a blow to the couple’s hopes, but they decided to move here anyway. As a baker, Scott knew he could set up a business. They saw the shop when they popped into Bramhall one morning, and loved that Bramhall was so bustling and busy. The idea WAS to start fairly low-key but the rest is history…

As with any new business, there were challenges. Combining a new business with a young family is never easy, and Scott needed to spend six weeks back in Australia. The building itself had stood empty for four years, so there was a lot of work to be done there. That said, they still managed to open on schedule – despite not sleeping at all for forty-eight hours beforehand. Jo tells me the electricians were still working as the first batch of bread came out of the oven!

Bramhall Bakery

Early Days

Scott and Jo admit it wasn’t easy at first. Starting up fresh in from Australia, Scott had no ready-made contacts. Sourcing supplies and recruiting their team presented yet more challenges. Scott has built his team from scratch, so they’re all trained Bramhall Bakery’s way.

Despite the supposedly low-key beginning, Bramhall Bakery soon ran out of space – hence the Poynton shop, which has a much bigger bakery space.

Bramhall Bakery

Low Key? No way!

Bramhall Bakery is a real Bramhall success story, and the sort of independent retailer every village needs. Saturday morning queues snake out the front, combining with Corrys’ queue to form a veritable social event! The business has also been recognised further afield. Bramhall Bakery were runners up in the Stockport Business Awards ‘Independent Retailer’ category in 2013, rightfully winning in 2015. They’ve been recognised by Theo Paphitis with a Small Business Sunday award #SBS, and two Bramhall Bakery apprentices have won awards. Not a bad start by any stretch of the imagination!

Bramhall Bakery

I Love Bramhall Bakery’s Bread

Bramhall Bakery’s techniques focus on traditional processes, time, great ingredients and maximum flavour. Their best seller? Probably the Cotswold Crunch, a granary-style loaf. Their toast doorsteps are proving popular too – unsurprisingly!

Almost everything is lovingly baked every day to their own recipes, and they’ve also carefully selected a few products from other local suppliers to enhance the range. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

Bramhall Bakery

Bramhall Bakery LOVES Bramhall. Obviously!

Jo and Scott absolutely LOVE Bramhall, living as well as working here. Jo tells me it’s a lovely place with lovely people – but we already knew that, didn’t we? She also says Bramhall benefits from an incredibly supportive community – and an equally supportive business community. They use as many local businesses as they possibly can, including Beard’s and Unwins’. The staff in Bramhall’s RBS have been wonderful, and Jo LOVES Amaranth and Modiste. She’s also full of praise for Simply Books and loves that Sue can recommend books for anyone – always getting it right!

Bramhall Bakery is just one of the reasons why I Love Bramhall. Small independent retailers like this are integral to making our village one of the best – and the friendliest – in Britain.

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