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2 Aug 2019

Crown Green Bowling, has been a much-loved pastime for centuries, and nowhere is the hobby more popular than at Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club. I Love Bramhall met up with chairman Nat Heyes and match secretary Gordon Kempster to find out more about this longstanding community club.

Despite being situated in a quiet, leafy residential area, Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club is deceivingly close to the hustle and bustle of Bramhall Village. Just a short walk from the train station and with parking on site, the club is handy to access by all forms of transport.

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A flick through the archives on the club’s website reveals the history of Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club, which was set up in Bramhall around a century ago. While the members – and certainly the fashions – have changed over the decades, the enjoyment on the faces of those in the photos remains the same.

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Consisting of an immaculately kept green, a comfortable pavilion to unwind in and a well-stocked bar, the club is kitted out with everything you need to make a day of it. Also on site is the Queensgate Tennis Club and Davenport Snooker Club, which members of the bowling club can enjoy at discounted rates.

Don’t be fooled by the stereotypes – people of all ages can enjoy bowling. In fact, Queensgate Bowling Club works alongside local schools to introduce the younger generation to the sport.

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There are around 85 members of Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club currently, ranging from avid players who give opposing teams a run for their money to social members who are happy enough just enjoying the green and the company. A close-knit but growing community, the club happily welcomes new members with a big smile and a cuppa.

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All abilities are at home at Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club and weeks are organised to accommodate everyone’s needs. The club is very fortunate to have a number of Qualified Bowling Coaches amongst its members, who provide valued tuition for new members and give guidance to those wishing to perfect their game.

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It would be hard work to find something more idyllic than spending a sunny afternoon on the green, chatting with friends and enjoying the summer air. Yet, even though the outdoor bowling season runs from April to October, the club is used all year round and members enjoy playing bridge and indoor bowls during the winter months.

Being part of the Alderley Edge and District Bowling & Stockport and District Leagues gives Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club members a chance to play competitively with other local teams – both home and away throughout the playing season. The weeks are also organised with a number of friendly matches, which are arranged with clubs nearby, along with plenty of internal competitions.

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League and Friendly matches give further scope for making friends and building links in the bowling community, but for the members, there’s no club like home. There is also a weekly session allocated for a Bramhall U3A session (University of the Third Age). So well-kept is Bramhall Queensgate Bowling Club that the league often asks them to host semi-final or final league matches on their green – even if the club isn’t participating!

A sporting background isn’t necessary in order to be great at bowls, but that isn’t to say you won’t get fit. During a game, you’ll often find your heart rate rises and you’ll walk about a mile in total. Gordon described the level of exercise as comparable to ‘a good stroll in the park – but with a lot of friends’!

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