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18 Sep 2016

Every Tuesday morning in the wonderful venue of The Governors House on the border of Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall, Bramhall Business Club (a group of business people) meet at 7.15am and discuss their weekly events with each other in the most friendly and relaxed, yet productive, manner you can imagine.

We joined them on Tuesday 13th September to find out more about what they’re all about.

bramhall business clubBrief chit-chat was the order of the day while we waited for everyone to arrive and once they did, the proceedings began. There was a period of ‘thank yous’ before they moved onto their recent events at work. What was amazing about everyone’s responses to each scenario was the trust they placed in each other. 10 different people are involved in the club at the moment and each one of those members trust the other with incredibly important decisions and opinions, and it’s this trust which allows them to take the advice back to their business and apply them to great success.

Trust plays a huge part in the reasons why everyone keeps coming back to these early morning sessions (as well as the beautiful breakfast and coffee that The Governors provide!). Some of these members have been a part of Bramhall Business Club since it started in 2010, meaning they’ve worked together and built up this trust over five whole years. One member even claimed that the group are a form of ‘dysfunctional family!’ This statement is a testament to how everyone thinks of each other and quite touching at the same time.

After the updates on recent events came the one minute talks where we got to learn a little more about the people and the businesses that were at the breakfast.

bramhall business club

First was Rod who was a financial broker involved with asset finance. Then came Ric who sells business management systems, Diana who offers a full range of legal services and is part of ‘no ordinary law firm.’ Chris was next who works with all things web based including videos, websites and the likes. Up after Chris was John who owns a heating company which focusses on being quicker and more ethically driven than competitors. Finally was Matthew who works as an optician with his family.

As you can see, a diverse bunch of business and a great bunch of characters who represent them. The ‘BBC’ are looking for new members to join their group and are welcoming any of you reading this who think you might be interested. For £100 a year and then £5 a week for the food and venue cost, it’s not asking a lot and you’ll definitely get a lot in return. If you are 50/50 about whether it is for you or not, why not give it a try for free? The club are offering three sessions for free with no obligation to see whether it is for you! There’s no reason to not try it out now!bramhall business club

The Bramhall Business Club are also extremely generous in their work. They support a lot of local charities (check out the website for more details on which ones) and they support them via all of the money that the club makes getting reinvested into the charities! What an amazing thing to do by a great group of people!

If you’re looking for a way to meet new businesspeople in an informal and friendly manner with no pressure on driving new leads out of each other, Bramhall Business Club is the group for you. You’ll become part of a ‘dysfunctional family’ and will learn to trust the judgement of everyone else, giving you invaluable information to take back to your working day in your businesses!

Venue : The Governors House, 43 Ravenoak Road, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 7EQ

Contact : 07947 578632

Facebook : Bramhall Business Club

Twitter : @BBCbramhall

Website : www.bramhallbusinessclub.co.uk

bramhall business club

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