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10 May 2018

A welcoming home is something we all strive for and here in Bramhall village, we’re lucky to have plenty of businesses on hand to help us perfect our properties. Bramhall Carpet Cleaners is the first choice for many locals when it comes to giving their carpets, rugs and upholstery a new lease of life – I Love Bramhall met up with owner Jason Pagnam to find out why.

Now in its fourth year, Bramhall Carpet Cleaners has earned itself a glowing reputation for providing a professional yet personal service. Jason, who previously managed Bramhall Dry Cleaners for almost two decades, knows a thing or two about how to get materials back to their best. Keen to step away from detergents and towards more eco-friendly cleaning methods, he moved into the carpet cleaning arena in 2014 and hasn’t looked back.

Bramhall Carpet Cleaners

Providing carpet cleaning services in South Manchester and across Cheshire, Bramhall Carpet Cleaners offers both residential and occasional commercial cleaning, catering for clients as far out as Alderley Edge. The company’s clientele is mixed and although Jason counts among his customers a number of high-profile individuals, everyone benefits from the same first-class service and competitive prices.

Quality is key, too – Bramhall Carpet Cleaners uses state-of-the-art equipment and detergent-free cleaning agents made from plant derivatives that are not only eco-friendly but also child and pet safe. A family man himself, living locally with his wife and three children, Jason understands how important it is to provide peace of mind that the cleaning products used are not only effective but also free from dangerous chemicals.

Bramhall Carpet Cleaners

Committed to providing an attentive, personal service, Jason deals with every enquiry himself and carries out each job in person. This traditional style of doing business has proved popular and helped cement Jason’s position as one of the top-rated carpet cleaners in the area.

Bramhall Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning 101

 We’ve all experienced the horror of an accidental spillage but luckily, with Jason just around the corner, there’s always someone to call on when a carpet calamity takes place. We asked Bramhall Carpet Cleaners how easy it really is to remove some of the nation’s most notorious stains at home.

  • * Red wine– Dabbing the stain to remove excess liquid and applying a little white wine may fix the problem temporarily but red wine can stain the fibres of the carpet, so a professional spot-fix is advised.
  • * Mud – Easy enough to clean off at home, mud should be allowed to dry completely before being brushed to loosen the material, which can then be vacuumed up.
  • * Blood – Blot the stain with a dry cloth or kitchen roll but don’t apply water or the stain could spread. This is another one to leave to the professionals.
  • * Pet stains– Cat or dog urine can be a big problem. As a one-off, the stain should be blotted and cleaned quickly but may still result in discolouration. Pet stains, once through to the underlay, are harder to treat. Bad cases may require new underlay being fitted and carpet cleaning afterwards.

Bramhall Carpet Cleaners

Bramhall Carpet Cleaners offers spot fixing for stains, so if an accident does happen, all is not lost. It’s still worth having entire carpets cleaned regularly, however, to keep them looking and smelling good. Vacuuming may clean the very top layer of the carpet but over time, dirt, germs and allergens can build up – especially in households with children and pets, Jason adds. Cleaning the carpets can also help remove dust, animal fur and other irritants known to aggravate skin or breathing allergies.

Bramhall Carpet Cleaners

Whether it’s a one-off carpet clean, an on or off-site rug refresh or even a small office spruce-up, Bramhall Carpet Cleaners is happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote. Give Jason a call or get in touch using the links below.

Bramhall Carpet Cleaner

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