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16 Mar 2017

 Julie Davidson established Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic in 2002. It’s now conveniently located on Fir Road.

Julie is originally from London but came up North to study and has stayed ever since. Salford is where she qualified from in 1989 and went straight into a job at MRI, moving to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in 1991 and staying until 2004. Julie had always worked with adults privately as well. When Julie was offered the chance to start her own business originally based in Bramhall Park Medical Centre, she jumped at the chance. After 4 years Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic needed larger premises and relocated to 2 Fir Road, a decision Julie describes as ‘one of my best moves ever’.

Bramhall Park Physio

So since the relocation in 2006, the business has grown from strength to strength and Julie now has a colleague, Sally Hewitt, who offers sessions there too, including the ever popular Sunday afternoon. The clinic covers spinal injuries, joint aches and pains, sports injuries, strokes (thanks to Sally’s specialism in neurology), and headaches. “Headaches?” We hear you cry – well yes. Headaches. Julie’s specialism is in headaches and migraines which is so often resolved by neck treatment, it’s just people don’t think it could be down to that! If you’re reading this thinking that you suffer from bad headaches and/migraines, get in touch with Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic, Julie will work wonders on you in ways you didn’t even know possible – on your neck!

Bramhall Park Physio

Julie and Sally also go out and see older people at home. Quite often, elderly people may fall or struggle with their mobility and therefore their independence. The goal here is to train and rehabilitate older people to improve their strength, balance and fitness so that they can function independently and safely at home. The radius covered is a local one and the rewards from it are excellent for Julie and Sally and almost as much for the people they help!

Bramhall Park Physio

Until Julie started working in Bramhall, she was pretty unfamiliar with it. She’d worked in Salford and in Wilmslow, so never really ended up in our lovely village. The relationships formed on Fir Road and the rest of Bramhall village are fantastic for Julie and she’s grown to love Bramhall in the way that so many of us do. For example, Chris the barber (based below the clinic) has a customer getting their hair cut and complaining about an ache or a pain, he’ll recommend them to bob upstairs to Julie and get it sorted out! So a few times, people with fresh new hair cuts have ended up getting their headaches relieved in the same trip! Porter’s meat is always recommended to patients as well when Julie is asked where to go for their food. It works both ways and the relationships are win-win situations.

Bramhall Bakery, Yardbird and Bubble Room are amongst the favourite places for Julie to go in the village, she LOVES the bakery! Cuthbert’s is Julie’s hair salon too, where owner and stylist, Nigel, a ‘fellow curly haired person’ knows how to manage (tame!) such wonderful hair!

“We’re a small, very friendly clinic with LOTS of experience and knowledge. We have great flexibility with our appointments to accommodate everyone including evening and weekends for working people due to the way we structure our week.”

Bramhall Park Physio

If you’re sat there with an ache, pain, niggly injury or a headache, stop ignoring it and give Julie and Sally a ring! They’re a massive asset to Bramhall and one that so many of us can benefit from – and already have benefited from! It was great to meet Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic and we hope many more of you get to soon!


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