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25 Jul 2017

 On Melbourne Road/Lumb Lane in Bramhall is a wonderful place that has been there since the 60s called Bramhall Village Club. We met up with the chair of the club, Ross Worthington to find out more about the history of the club and what they can offer us as a community.

Ross himself has been the chairman for over 6 years and he explained how the club is a registered charity but is also run by its membership and nobody else. The membership list is currently about 250 people long and is more than ready and able to become even longer!

Bramhall Village Club

There are five associated sections in the club – bridge (the biggest section), art, photography, indoor bowling and badminton. Five very diverse sections which are sure to cover at least one of your interests! The club also rents out its various rooms for functions. Most mornings, afternoons and evenings are at least three quarters full at the club, where various societies and groups that require a building use the excellent facilities on offer there.

Bramhall Village Club

With the financial state of Bramhall Village Club currently being a lot healthier than it has been in years gone by, they’ve recently embarked on a full refurbishment. Toilet renovation, disabled toilets installation, chair lift installation, a new kitchen and new lighting are just some of the parts of the club which have been refurbished to a very high quality and make the members proud to go there.

Bramhall Village Club

Ross said

“The club is in as strong of a position as it has ever been.”

Recruitment is a focus at the moment so that more local people can enjoy the club as 250 already do so. Local advertising (such as on I Love Bramhall!) is working well for them and raising the profile in the process.

Ross and the whole club are on the lookout for other interest groups who may think Bramhall Village Club is a good place to be based and would be interested in being affiliated with the club and its other sections. For the very competitive price of £24 a year, you can’t complain, especially when you see how good the facilities are there. Preferential rates for room hire would then follow as a perk… it really is a fantastic place to be a member of.

Bramhall Village Club

Earlier this year, it was Bramhall Village Club’s art section’s 50th anniversary, where they held a four-day exhibition. Over this time, over 1,000 people passed through the club – how amazing is that!? A fair few comments will have been made on the impressive refurbishment no doubt… It is this type of activity which Bramhall Village club is perfect for hosting.

The club is run by a small executive committee consisting of Ross, Howard Stubbings who is the treasurer, a secretary who is Helen Gray and a bookings secretary named Peter (Helen’s husband). Each section then nominates a representative to attend club meetings which are quarterly – a nice little set up wouldn’t you say?

Bramhall Village Club

Ross himself is an MD of a toy development/invention company based in Macclesfield – Carterbench Product Development. A strong pedigree and reputation allows them to deal with the likes of Fisher Price and Mattel to name a few! He was born in Stepping Hill and was raised in Bramhall when his parents moved here in 1960 (the year he was born), attending Bramhall High School along the way. Various parts of the UK would be next for Ross’ home and work life before meeting his wife Helen and settling back down in the area.

Bramhall Village Club

      Ross Worthington with his wife Helen

A particular favourite at the moment with the Worthington family is The Mounting Stone (for reasons we all know too well). The fact that it is dog-friendly and they have a gorgeous dog themselves helps out too of course! Journeys into the village for socialising and shopping are not uncommon with the Worthingtons either.

Thanks to the efforts of 1st Bramhall Scouts there is a public accessible defibrillator outside Bramhall Village Club

Bramhall Village Club

If you’re a group or society who regularly rent out spaces but would like the benefits of being associated with a larger community at Bramhall Village Club, get in touch with them, they’ll welcome you with their arms wide open.

Bramhall Village Club

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