I LOVE Bramhall Village Square – the Hub of the Village

14 May 2021

Did you visit Bramhall’s Village Square last year? Throughout seemingly interminable Covid-19 lockdowns or ever-changing tiers and restrictions? Some people were worried and stayed home. Most of the shops were forced to close – or operate on a click-and-collect or takeaway basis.

Even then, it was clear this is not just another faceless, characterless precinct. People were still visiting, and, where able, shopping. Fast forward – thankfully – to today. With shops open and back to business (almost) as usual, this hub of the village is busy, bustling, friendly and welcoming. Village Square is thriving.

Local Shops for Local People

Managed by the forward-thinking Himor group, Bramhall Village Square is home to a wonderful and tempting array of retail shops and eateries. There are also many office-based businesses. Indeed, Village Square is the PERFECT location, not just to shop, but also to set up shop, whatever your trade.

Children’s play area

Just as Village Square is not just another faceless precinct, Himor is not just another absent management company. They’re proactive, supportive, and social media-savvy. They know their tenants and are there for them.  They ensure the square is welcoming and inviting, a pleasure to visit and spend a while – take the lovely little play area and the pretty planting. Rents are sustainable. Himor promote and market the shops and traders, and the Village Square, and simply HELP. They actively market Village Square to ensure any vacated units are snapped up, quickly, and by JUST the right sort of business.

Taking Care of the Village

Himor’s Village Square Property Manager, Jenny, is an ever-present friendly face. Looking after Village Square really matters to Jenny, and not just professionally. Jenny lives nearby, so has a genuine personal interest in the Square and the village itself. She’s also an active contributor to the Bramhall Together Trust, volunteering to arrange community events and generally make the village, and Village Square even better. Such events, along with the monthly Worker Bee markets, are another way to bring more people into the Square and to introduce them to all it has to offer.

Em’s Easy Eco Refill Shop in Village Square

Taking Care of the Local Shops

Himor take their role seriously. Village Square forms an important part of their portfolio. That portfolio includes offices, land and industrial estates, too. In a small village, the odd well-known name helps inspire confidence in smaller businesses, but big names are NEVER courted to the detriment of indies. It’s testament to Himor and Village Square that several new businesses have had the confidence to set up in the past few months. Recent and welcome additions include:

Treat your feet at FC by DT at Village Square

Everything You Need on Your Doorstep

There really is everything you need in Bramhall and the Village Square. Other businesses, eateries and shops here in Village Square are:

Lunch at Plumcake Cafe in Village Square

How Local Shops SHOULD Be

What Village Square has to offer must be the envy of many other local shopping centres and high streets. Other village’s residents must wish Himor could take care of their shopping areas. Bramhall as a village has something for everyone, and Village Square as a big part of the village centre, brings a shopping experience that high streets always used to provide. It would be easy to spend the best part of a day here. In Bramhall Village Square, you can take care of ALL your shopping, plus enjoy an excellent breakfast, lunch and after-dinner drinks. If only all shopping centres and management companies shared this ethos and ideal…

After dinner drinks at The Bubble Room in Village Square


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