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29 Aug 2017

Have you overdone it, again?  Do you suffer from headaches, joint or muscular pain?  Meet Tom Roselle of Calm Body.  Tom is a sports massage therapist that is midway through his course to become a chiropractor. 

He is based in Bramhall at 38a Bramhall Lane South. You may have had the opportunity to meet Tom and his wife Susie at the Bramhall Festival this year.  As Tom spent his childhood in Bramhall it seemed a natural place for him to set up his new practice which he hopes to grow and expand once he finishes his degree in Chiropractic.

Calm Body

Tom has become certified as a massage therapist through part of his five-year Chiropractic course. He is currently attending McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Manchester, is a teacher’s aide at Castle Hill, school for children with special needs, and he and his wife, Susie are expecting their first child in early November.  His passion for his chosen profession drives him to hold appointments in the evenings after 4:00 during school term and daily during school holidays.  True dedication.

Tom specializes in deep tissue massage to help relieve your pain and allow your body to heal itself.  During your first appointment consultation Tom will spend time with you to help him understand how he can best help you.  Through his therapy he will work with you to help you break bad habits that might be causing you pain.  He derives great satisfaction in seeing his clients leave a session in less pain and better equipped to remain that way.

Calm Body

If your find yourself in real pain and need to be seen quickly Tom does take emergency appointments.  To book an appointment give Tom a call on 07496 853637.  He holds one-hour sessions for £40.00 and a Fast Fix 20, twenty-minute session for only £20.00.  He works with all ages of children, older adults and anyone in-between. 

Welcome to Bramhall Village Tom.  We wish you all the best for your business, your course and especially to you and Susie for the birth of your child.

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