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13 Jul 2017

A lovely mid-summer’s morning in the village was spent with the lovely David Roche of Cheshire Hearing Centres.

Despite the glorious weather outside, there was nowhere that we’d rather be than in his company learning more about him, his business and what he can do to help us all!


David has always been in and around South Manchester. Whether it be where he was born and raised in Altrincham, where he worked in Stockport or where he’s based now in our wonderful Bramhall! He’s had 27 years in the hearing industry and is an expert in it as a result. Ten of those years were spent in a manufacturing role at a hearing aid factory, where he worked his way up from a hearing aid technician all the way up to a management position.

Cheshire Hearing Centres

An MSc in quality management from Salford is one of his more recent qualifications amongst many others he’s achieved along the way, and it was during this MSc that he realised his goal was to be working on this side of the industry – with the public. He then trained to be an audiologist soon after!

Once David qualified over the turn of the millennium, he set up his own business – Peak Hearing – where he was based on Gillbent Road in Cheadle Hulme, some of us may well remember! 6 happy years of running this business followed before deciding to move onto working with a major retailer as a director for seven years. As he came to the end of his time there, David decided he wanted to work on his own in a more customer orientated business, so left in 2014. This is when he started Cheshire Hearing Centre, so it’s been going a lot longer than you may think despite only moving to Ack Lane East early 2017!

Cheshire Hearing Centres

Choosing the new location for Cheshire Hearing Centre was an easy enough choice to make. It was either going to be Bramhall or Cheadle Hulme due to the high volume of customers who lived in the area. We think you’ll all agree; this new location is perfect!

The main aspect of the business is providing hearing instruments to people in the private market. As the NHS only reaches a certain level of technology, a lot of people want equipment that is more discrete and with better performance levels – that’s where David comes in.

Cheshire Hearing Centres

Another aspect of David’s work is noise protection. He makes custom moulded ear pieces for anybody that needs it, whether it be people in noisy industries, clay pigeon shooting or even his biggest claim to fame (when he owned Peak Hearing) – working with the McLaren and Jaguar F1 teams to make their custom head sets. He got to go down in the pits at Silverstone with the team – how exciting is that!?

On the other side of the business there is wax removal, which is very high in demand at the moment. Typically, you’re looking at a 3 week wait with other services, but you can get it done on the same day with Cheshire Hearing Centre!

Cheshire Hearing Centres

David’s wife is a nurse and ward manager at Wythenshawe Hospital. They share a daughter who is soon turning 30 and is now teaching in Manchester City Centre. The long term plan is for David’s wife to join him working at Cheshire Hearing Centre once she retires in a few years, so let’s look forward to another family ran business in Bramhall!

“I want my customers to improve their hearing! Hearing can have such an impact on your life!”

If you’d like to know more about David and how he can help you change your hearing for the better, having a huge positive impact on your life, get in touch with him or even pop in! We all LOVE Cheshire Hearing Centre’s new place in Bramhall, so why not go and visit!?

Cheshire Hearing Centres

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