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26 Sep 2016

As the summer drew to an end, we went to visit the best interior design company in the area – Cheshire Interior Design – and the lady behind it all, Caroline.

From her own house being in the national Ideal Home Magazine and featuring in Cheshire Life, five times this year, she’s increased in her exposure and works in and around the Bramhall area turning rooms and homes into masterpieces. Ideal Home is a national magazine and not something to be taken lightly – only the best of the country gets to be in there, and that’s what Caroline is!

Cheshire Interiors Design Originally from Amersham, Caroline lived in Milton Keynes when she was young and only came up North to go to Lancaster University. This would turn out to be the place where she’d meet her now-husband! He’s a music teacher and has always lived in this area and so she graduated and stayed living up here with him! Believe it or not, Caroline actually studied English at university as she had a major passion for reading. Although it is still a passion today, Caroline admits that reading was not something she could make a career out of, so turned to her other passion that she had since she was ten years old – interior design. It was only about ten years ago that Caroline decided to get qualified and took up interior design as a full time career.

Work is busy at the moment for Cheshire Interior Design, as there are three full houses that need to be completed before Christmas! Argh! And with just Caroline working, there’s a lot of time and effort that needs to be spent on making these houses perfect. Caroline has no particular ‘look,’ where some interior designers may often recommend having wooden floor with light walls for example, Caroline opts for the more bespoke method of designing a room’s décor around the personalities of the people who’re going to live in it. I think you’ll agree, this is a wonderful way of working!

Cheshire Interiors Design

Cheshire Interior Design and Caroline also price themselves differently to competitors. Most interior designers often charge an up-front fee which can easily be four figures long, but Caroline charges hourly and even offers her first hour for free!

“I like to try and make it affordable for everybody” is a key concept that Caroline has adopted and we salute you for that!

All joiners, builders, etc. are recommended FOR FREE by Caroline and you absolutely know they’re going to be good quality as she wouldn’t work with anything but!

A bonus of this article is that Caroline has said that if you mention this article when enquiring about her work, she’ll offer you the extremely reasonable hourly rate of £50 providing you live in Bramhall! The good news just keeps on coming doesn’t it!

Cheshire Interiors Design

Whether it’s a full house or just one room that you want made over, Caroline is the girl for you! Her expert work has made regional and national magazines where tens of thousands of people have admired it. She specialises in unique interiors with an often quirky and fun aspect. Her experience and bespoke attitude towards each individual customer sets her apart from the rest and that’s the reason you should use her for your next makeover of your house! She’s shown with her £50 an hour offer that Caroline loves Bramhall, and I LOVE Cheshire Interior Design too!

Cheshire Interiors

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