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22 Aug 2017

One of Bramhall’s most sought after places to eat is the Chilli Banana. Its Thai Street food is in high demand at the moment and it’s clear to see why, it tastes incredible!

Steven had always expressed a desire to own his business and given Nok’s 8 years of experience as a chef at the Wilmslow branch, the opportunity to run their own Thai street food restaurant was one they jumped for.

Chilli Banana

Steven went travelling in his mid 20s, venturing to Cambodia, Vietnam and of course Thailand. Thailand was where the pair first met and is ultimately where their relationship began. Nok herself is from the north of Thailand and moved over in 2009. The couple have a son (Nhuea) and a daughter (Lanna) together, and their names are both Thai for North.

Chilli Banana

Wendy from I Love Bramhall loves Lanna!

As Nok, is from the northern parts of Thailand, we think you’ll agree that the two names are both very apt and cute. The family often go over to Thailand to spend time together on holiday and meet up with other family members whilst they are out there. August is a favourable time for them as the children are off school, and they often spend around a month out there. Alright for some isn’t it!

Chilli Banana

The team at Chilli Banana are very community friendly and are fond of building relationships with the different businesses here. All of the beef that is used is supplied by HG Beard’s for example – locally sourced foods with the twist of Thai cooking, a combination to take advantage of when eating out. Similarly, Andrew from Unwins veg shop is a friend of Steven’s, allowing for even more locally sourced foods to be used by Chilli Banana. Fresh fruit and veg is delivered every Tuesday and when in need of extra they can just nip into Unwin’s for a top up.

Chilli Banana

In the restaurant as well, you’ll notice shelves full of Thai products on them. Whether it be snacks, noodles, sauces or anything else, you’ll find it in Chilli Banana. They also have a recipe book which allows you to recreate your favourite dishes at home. Though you’ll have to do a good job to be able to beat the ability of Nok’s cooking.

Chilli Banana

Whether it be Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Liverpool, Didsbury, Knutsford (opening soon) or of course our very own Bramhall, there’s a Chilli Banana for us all to enjoy. The locally sourced foods combined with expert cooking abilities of Nok, creates flavours your taste buds didn’t even know existed. Steven and his front of house team will make you feel more than welcome. The experiences the married couple have had with Thailand and its wonderful food are waiting to be shared with you.

“From Bangkok to Bramhall, we try and bring the feeling to you”

      Chilli Banana Monk Retreat Lunch

Chilli Banana is open for casual dining and home delivery take aways.


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