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13 Nov 2018

The arrival of the colder weather heralds the season of achy joints and slip hazards but thankfully, we have an expert on hand to look after Bramhall bones and Stockport spines. I Love Bramhall caught up with Chiropractor Bramhall owner Jordan Gregory, who opened up his clinic in Bramhall just days ago.

Situated a very short walk from the Village Square and the train station, Chiropractor Bramhall couldn’t occupy a more convenient spot. The brand new clinic, which is open five days a week, looks welcoming yet stylish and is kitted out with state-of-the-art chiropractic tools.


Jordan was inspired to become a chiropractor after a sporting injury at university led him to visit a specialist himself, and he felt that the chiropractor managed to work some sort of magic in helping him make a full recovery. As well as chiropractic care, Jordan also has a degree in sports therapy and is a keen sportsman, enjoying running and football.


Chiropractor Bramhall believes that all-natural, holistic remedies are often the best way to get our bodies back on track. Chiropractic treatment aims to allow the body to function at its best, which promotes efficient healing without surgery or medication.

The help offered at Chiropractor Bramhall goes far beyond the treatments at the clinic, however. Jordan analyses clients’ lifestyle and health, and provides personalised diet and fitness advice, reinforcing good habits to ensure a pain-free future.


Jordan’s advice for the cold weather is to wrap up and keep your joints warm, eat well, stay hydrated and keep moving. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just using the stairs instead of the lift, staying active is integral to overall health and your body will thank you for it, he says.

The future holds exciting things for Chiropractor Bramhall, which is already treating clients from all over Cheshire and Greater Manchester. Jordan is looking into offering sports massages at the clinic and possibly yoga or pilates lessons, too – both great for maintaining healthy joints and muscles.


While seeing a chiropractor is a great way to treat a specific problem area, it can also work wonders for a person’s health, wellbeing and flexibility in general. In treating the neck and spine, Jordan is able to relieve migraines and tension headaches too – all without the need for any medication.

Whether you’re a very active person or spend much of your day at a desk, the treatments at Chiropractor Bramhall can help you to feel physically and mentally rejuvenated. Aches and pains can take their toll on your overall mood, so it might be worth a chat with Jordan to see how his chiropractic services can help you.


With over ten years of experience under his belt, Jordan has worked with clients of all ages and adjusts each treatment according to the person he’s administering it to. Procedures are painless and the risk of side effects is very low – Jordan is happy to talk clients through each step of the process to ensure their journey to an ache-free future is a very pleasant one.


Special Offer – Until Christmas, Chiropractor Bramhall is offering an amazing 50% off a consultation and first treatment if you quote I Love Bramhall when booking!

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